- Jan 7 2020

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Clues Answers
''Come on in!'' ENTER
''Hush up!'' CANIT
''My search has succeeded!'' IFOUNDIT
''Victory is mine!'' IWIN
''Well done!'' GOOD
A bit nervous UNEASY
Amazing thing LULU
App symbol ICON
At no time NEVER
Attach with a hammer NAIL
Baby food consistency PUREE
Brontë heroine Jane EYRE
Chicken noodle and minestrone SOUPS
Coll. entrance exams SATS
Comics sound of discomfort OOF
Commands ORDERS
Conclusion END
Criterion: Abbr STD
David's stone launcher SLING
Deflated tire FLAT
Extreme degree NTH
Fireplace residue ASH
First of an instruction list STEPONE
Football throw PASS
German currency EURO
Grade school support orgs PTAS
Highway turnoff EXIT
Home heating device of old WOODSTOVE
Home illumination of old CANDLELIGHT
Honking birds GEESE
Initial poker payment ANTE
Inning-ending plays OUTS
Insured patient's expense COPAY
Laundry device of old WASHBOARD
Lavish celebration GALA
List of candidates SLATE
Low in fat LEAN
Make preparations PLAN
Metallic rocks ORES
Clues Answers
Mysterious glow AURA
Not feeling well ILL
Old West lawman SHERIFF
Oodles SCADS
Opposing vote NAY
Pantomime game CHARADES
Parade vehicle FLOAT
Person taking action DOER
Person, place, or thing NOUN
Planet beyond Earth MARS
Poetic tributes ODES
Praise highly EXALT
Prepares oneself GETSSET
Preparing, as pizza cheese GRATING
Priority Mail org USPS
Question that sounds like an owl's sound WHO
Refrigerates COOLS
Schools of thought ISMS
Small garden statue GNOME
Social media of old PENANDPAPER
Sound of scorn SNORT
Spiral shape COIL
State north of Missouri IOWA
Stimulant in coffee CAFFEINE
Subject for discussion TOPIC
Supermarket walkway AISLE
Sweater neck shape VEE
Timely blessing BOON
Tiny fly GNAT
Tip of a boot TOE
Titles for knights SIRS
Tusk material IVORY
Very dry, as a climate ARID
Vietnam's capital HANOI
Volcano of Italy ETNA
What ''There's no place like'' HOME
Without warning SUDDENLY
Witness' pledge OATH
__ and Clark Expedition LEWIS