New York Times - Jan 7 2020

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Clues Answers
'Alas!' PITY
'Gesundheit!' elicitor ACHOO
'Hello' singer, 2015 ADELE
'Let It Go' singer in 'Frozen' ELSA
'Me neither' NORI
'Silkwood' screenwriter Ephron NORA
'___ favor' POR
969, for Methuselah at his death AGE
Audiophile's rack contents CDS
Beyond well-done BURNT
Big name in lighters BIC
Big, fat mouth TRAP
Bigger than big HUGE
Bottom-left PC key CTRL
Break-dancer, slangily BBOY
Call to the U.S.C.G SOS
Cause chafing, perhaps RUB
Cell window fixtures IRONBARS
Describing one's bathroom routine in detail, say OVERSHARING
Dominated, in gamer lingo OWNED
Drink similar to a Slurpee ICEE
Essay offering an alternative viewpoint OPED
First lady EVE
Gave the heave-ho AXED
Gets a furtive glimpse of PEEPSAT
Give a smooth surface PAVE
Go soft MELT
Gun, as an engine REVUP
H.S. math class ALG
Hammer-wielding Norse god THOR
Hoppy quaffs ALES
How LPs were originally recorded INMONO
In a crude way COARSELY
In fine fettle HALE
Island ring LEI
Like cocoons and cotton candy SPUN
Like Liesl, among the von Trapp children ELDEST
Clues Answers
Like some flagrant fouls INTENTIONAL
Line on a bill just above the total TAX
Long jumper, in hoops THREEPOINTER
Lot unit ACRE
Military science subject TACTICS
Nickname for baseball's Reggie Jackson MROCTOBER
Not yet out of contention INIT
Nova ___ (Halifax native, say) SCOTIAN
On vacation AWAY
One monopolizing a mattress BEDHOG
One of 10 felled in a strike PIN
One ___ customer PER
Part of I.T., for short TECH
Picture from Ansel Adams, say LANDSCAPEPHOTO
Place where one might get a mani-pedi SPA
Port of Honshu OSAKA
Public perception, in political lingo OPTICS
Reaction to the Beatles in 1964, e.g MANIA
Ream unit SHEET
Relative via remarriage STEPNIECE
River of Eurasia URAL
Sick and tired FEDUP
Splits that may give rise to sects SCHISMS
Spoiled sorts BRATS
Subj. for an M.B.A. student ECON
Sword with a sensor EPEE
Terse affirmative IAM
Time for a TV log YULE
Triage locales, briefly ERS
Trifling amount SOU
Turndown from Putin NYET
Very slight probability GHOSTOFACHANCE
Wall St. debut IPO
What 20-, 28- and 42-Across are OUTSIDESHOTS
What a lenient boss might cut you SLACK
What the 'E' stands for in HOMES ERIE
___ Fleck, banjo virtuoso BELA