Wall Street Journal - Jan 7 2020 - Thanks, But No Thanks

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Clues Answers
“Am not!” rejoinder ARESO
“Breaking Bad” drug METH
1960s psychedelic LSD
Achieve one’s goal? SCORE
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, e.g.: Abbr REP
Away from the wind ALEE
Baseball’s “Say Hey Kid” MAYS
Berry in many smoothies ACAI
Binge JAG
Bizarre ODD
Broods STEWS
Catering table vessel URN
Close in anger SLAM
Contemptible sort JERK
Days before big days EVES
Diner menu section EGGS
Discourage DETER
Earth Day mo APR
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
Earth-related prefix GEO
Family subdivisions, in biology GENERA
Final story in Joyce’s “Dubliners” THEDEAD
First name in cosmetics ESTEE
Fishing net TRAWL
Frat consonant TAU
Fundamental purpose RAISONDETRE
Gallery event SHOW
Good judgment SENSE
Grade school subj ENG
Hair goop GEL
Half-___ (java order) CAF
Hotel amenity that may come with a mint TURNDOWNSERVICE
Hybrid garment SKORT
It gets passed on a track BATON
Jekyll’s bad side HYDE
Kachina doll makers HOPIS
Kerfuffle ADO
Krispy Kreme treat DONUT
Clues Answers
League symbol featuring the silhouette of Jerry West NBALOGO
Learn to crawl, perhaps SWIM
Less cramped ROOMIER
Let float, as a currency UNPEG
Like an unpleasant rumor UGLY
Like ashamed expressions HANGDOG
Like societies in which all are treated the same EGALITARIAN
Lit teacher’s assignment ESSAY
Malbec and merlot, e.g REDS
Manning of the NFL ELI
Middle of a Caesar boast ISAW
Mobster played by Travolta in 2018 GOTTI
Option for 1-A’s who 59-Across DODGINGTHEDRAFT
Option for cable customers who 59-Across GOINGOFFTHEGRID
Option for fiancées who 59-Across CITYHALLWEDDING
Org. with many cryptanalysts NSA
PC key near the space bar ALT
Personal cleanliness HYGIENE
Pilates workout focus CORE
Recharge one’s batteries REST
Run a beta, say TEST
Seth of “Neighbors” ROGEN
Setting of Korea and Cambodia ASIA
Sissy’s co-star in “The River” MEL
Smooch, at Hogwarts SNOG
Some spacious apartments LOFTS
Sound from a boxer ARF
Spanish gold ORO
Stock that’s not bullish STEER
Strong blow GALE
Take home EARN
Target for a masseuse KINK
Tasteful REFINED
Where the daily Bee is published FRESNO
Xbox 360 competitor WII
___ Lingus AER
___-Magnon CRO