Family Time - Jan 6 2020

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Clues Answers
"... here on Gilligan's ___" ISLE
"... ___ dust shalt thou return" UNTO
"I don't mind that ___" ABIT
"Messenger" compound RNA
"Seinfeld" humor type IRONY
"___ be an honor" ITD
"___ No. 1!" WERE
19th Greek letter TAU
A deer, a female deer DOE
Add a soundtrack DUB
Aficionado, informally NUT
Amount from a tube DAB
And so forth (Abbr.) ETC
Answer to "Where are you?" HERE
Bart's school-bus driver OTTO
Belonging to Mrs. Beckett HERS
Biblical prophet EZRA
Big reptile, informally CROC
Birthday-to-birthday stretch YEAR
Black Caucus, e.g BLOC
Boat's warning TOOT
Catholic ending? ISM
City map PLAT
Coach in Little League, often DAD
Come closer to NEAR
Concerning the congregation, not the clergy LAIC
Do the dog-paddle SWIM
Enjoys radishes EATS
Expert fighter pilot ACE
Fake grass TURF
Flexible type of book SOFTBACK
Floating in the ocean ASEA
Frying pan of China WOK
Clues Answers
Get ready, as a chef PREP
Give a harsh talking to SCOLD
Govt. testing org FDA
Greedy creature PIG
Hawaiian necklace LEI
Ice cream alternative SHERBET
It winds up on a lake? REEL
Jules Verne milieu SCIFI
Leg in old slang GAM
Like some glasses BIFOCAL
Lion's resting place DEN
Long-tailed monkey TITI
Lost-parcel probe TRACER
Made confetti TORE
Make a selection OPT
Mechanical men, briefly BOTS
Mythical son of Aphrodite EROS
Numbers person CPA
Obtained water or sketched DREW
Pickle juice BRINE
Royal ball? ORB
Says "No more" ENDS
Server's reward TIP
Situations that got out of control MESSES
Skim, as milk DEFAT
Solemn promise OATH
Thing with dirty water TUB
Tiny tale FIB
Type of book to read aloud CHILDRENS
Type of book with pen required AUTOGRAPH
Type of book you make look better COLORING
Yellow-flowered plant FURZE
You provers IDS