Universal - Jan 6 2020

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Clues Answers
"I'll decide later" MAYBE
"Me day" destination SPA
"Rebel Without a Cause" icon JAMESDEAN
"Says ___?" WHO
"That didn't go as planned" AKESWEREMADE
'90s commerce pact NAFTA
1990 film about a thwarted burglary HOMEALONE
4039, for 2019 and 2020 SUM
An intruder might trip one ALARM
Anti-apartheid activist Tutu DESMOND
Assigns a grade to, say EVALUATES
Barrister Clooney AMAL
Beast of burden ASS
Becomes a brunette, say DYES
Big name in motorcycles YAMAHA
Bosc or Anjou PEAR
Certain flower girl NIECE
Charged particles IONS
Chops finely MINCES
Classic movie quote spoken mindlessly? IFIONLYHADAB
Collection SET
Comedian's booking GIG
Common sleep prescription AMBIEN
Computer shortcuts that are pressed HOTKEYS
Coupe alternative SEDAN
Degrees for corp. leaders MBAS
Elizabeth of cosmetics ARDEN
Filmmaker Spike LEE
Firecracker that fizzles DUD
Funny Bombeck ERMA
I, in sorority names IOTA
Infamous headline about the 1948 election EYDEFEATSTRUMAN
Jazz's James ETTA
Jewish casserole KUGEL
Job connections INS
Joe Biden was one of its sens DEL
Like top colleges ELITE
Clues Answers
Lion's abode DEN
lllinois city that symbolizes Middle America PEORIA
London quaff ALE
Long-eared leaper HARE
Major conflicts WARS
Medieval estate FIEF
Mimics APES
Misleading thing DECOY
Musical stack CDS
Narrow valley GLEN
Nightclub bash RAVE
On pace to win AHEAD
Opera solos ARIAS
Opts for a more private life, or a feature of 16-, 27- and 42-Across? DROPSOFFTHEGRID
Org. overseeing airspace FAA
Oxymoronic social occasion WORKPARTY
Pair in an idiomatic pod PEAS
Persian Gulf country IRAN
Pharmacy buy DRUG
Plot points? DATA
Prez #16 ABE
Self-referential META
Significant others, in slang BAES
Skin designs, for short TATS
Sound of a 56-Down PFFT
Spanish art museum PRADO
Spun records at a 15-Across DJED
State capital north of Colorado Springs DENVER
Symptom of a bug bite ITCH
The "R" of RBG RUTH
They're higher than cellos VIOLAS
Urgent, as circumstances DIRE
Water polo site POOL
What waiters and privates take ORDERS
You may sing one in the snow showers CAROL
Zigzag down a slope SLALOM
___ Reader UTNE