- Jan 6 2020

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Clues Answers
''Electric'' fish EEL
''Garfield'' cat ODIE
''The Red Planet'' MARS
''We've set the date'' celebration ENGAGEMENTPARTY
''__ upon a time . . .'' ONCE
A Great Lake ERIE
Adjust to a situation ADAPT
All tied up, as a score EVEN
Antlered animal like Bullwinkle MOOSE
Apple-center remover CORER
At any time EVER
Ball-__ hammer PEEN
Barbecue appliance GRILL
Become ripe AGE
Boxing great Muhammad __ ALI
Butcher's inventory MEAT
Cab-fare calculator METER
Chimney dust SOOT
Clickable computer image ICON
Close at hand NEAR
Concise in speech TERSE
Crusoe the castaway ROBINSON
Detest ABHOR
Disney of Disneyland WALT
Earth's satellite MOON
Egypt's main river NILE
Exodus miracle food MANNA
Farmland measure ACRE
Flat-topped hill MESA
Frozen mass from a glacier ICEBERG
Frozen rain SLEET
Give out cards in poker DEAL
High cards in poker ACES
Himalayan land TIBET
Hold responsible BLAME
Hurried up HASTENED
Interoffice note MEMO
Invalidate NEGATE
Clues Answers
Japan's continent ASIA
Like a snake's skin SCALY
Lubricates OILS
Marriage-vow event WEDDINGCEREMONY
Meal after a final run-through REHEARSALDINNER
Merely ONLY
Neither's partner NOR
No longer fresh, as lettuce LIMP
No longer in town GONE
Olympian's award MEDAL
Online auctioneer EBAY
Operatic solo ARIA
Pay-__-view movie PER
Performed by a chorus SUNG
Prayer-ending word AMEN
School exam TEST
Search for SEEK
See 1 Across RADIO
Shoestring LACE
Slice of bacon STRIP
Store's discount event SALE
Swelled head EGO
The Dalai __ LAMA
Toad cousin FROG
Turns down, as a light DIMS
Unforeseen problem SNAG
Uninteresting, informally BLAH
Unruly crowd MOB
Walking sticks CANES
Web addresses, for short URLS
Winter hrs. in Denver MST
With 59 Across, dashboard audio device AMFM
Wooden pin PEG
Yacht race REGATTA
Yale student ELI
Yellow part of an egg YOLK
Your sibling's daughter NIECE
__ attention (become alert) SNAPTO
__-Cola (Pepsi rival) COCA