Family Time - Jan 5 2020

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Clues Answers
"A Christmas Carol" cry BAH
"America the Beautiful" place SEA
"How ___ things?" ARE
"Long, long ___ ..." AGO
"Look out, here we come!" GANGWAY
A, B or O, to the Red Cross TYPE
Afflicted ILL
Agenda entry ITEM
All dried up SERE
Alter the appearance of REDO
Bad-tempered and grouchy CRABBY
Baseball stat ERA
Be a sponge ABSORB
Bit of punctuation COMMA
Body of eau LAC
Boring BLAH
Bottomless gulf or pit ABYSS
Bow wood YEW
Boys, in several years MEN
Burn the surface of CHAR
Butterfly catcher NET
Coat with oil GREASE
Come across as SEEM
Cunning SLY
Data entry key TAB
Day fraction HOUR
Defeat by a hair EDGE
Droop SAG
Early life stage EMBRYO
Enthusiasm and energy PEP
Field for cows LEA
For a 5-year-old, say EASY
Fulfill one's troth WED
Full of breezes AIRY
Clues Answers
Get out of the cold ENTER
Glistening beads DEW
Go off course YAW
How snails do things SLOWLY
Judge's coverup ROBE
Lovey-dovey AMOROUS
Made bubbles BLEW
Make a selection OPT
Necklace part CLASP
New Year's song title starter AULD
Offer a bad choice to TEMPT
Omelet ingredient EGG
Powerful creature of the jungle APE
Prudish person PRIG
Pub pint ALE
Rank below marquis EARL
Rim of a cup LIP
Scott's Roy ROB
Second highest in a family of instruments ALTO
Self-defense, for one PLEA
Short cut SNIP
Side road BYWAY
Skillfully ABLY
Slippery fish EEL
Stomach, less elegantly GUT
Support the scofflaw ABET
Talk too much YAMMER
Thinking thing MIND
Those people THEY
Unruly crowd MOB
Veggie in a pod PEA
With a cast of many extras EPIC
Yacht pronoun HER
___ diem PER