- Jan 5 2020

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Clues Answers
''Bad'' cholesterol LDL
''Compadre'' of Carlos AMIGO
''Golden Boy'' playwright ODETS
''Green Eggs and Ham'' kid SAM
''In my wildest dreams'' IWISH
''Now __ me down to sleep . . .'' ILAY
''Princess Diaries'' author CABOT
''The chief nurse of England's statesmen'' ETON
''You may leave now'' OKGO
6 Down brand NABISCO
A Big Apple newspaper called it ''impossible'' in 1920 SPACEFLIGHT
Add, as an extra charge TACKON
Arcade game name SEGA
Arm art TAT
Autobahn auto BMW
Baking staple SUGAR
Become accustomed (to) INURE
Beside the catcher for a bit ATBAT
Big beverage brewers URNS
Birdseed ingredient SUET
Bistro patron DINER
Capped pen brand BIC
Certain real-estate transaction LANDDEAL
Charlie Brown's sister SALLY
Cheese-topped chip NACHO
Comprise ARE
Consequently ERGO
Constitutional amendment that went into effect in 1920 EIGHTEENTH
Cuban dance CONGA
Deeply felt INNER
Director Lee ANG
Dog-tag datum OWNER
Domain of Dionysus WINE
Dracula's prime time NIGHT
Dropped by CAME
Dutch astronomer Jan OORT
Eastern European capital SOFIA
Ecological regions BIOMES
Element #107 BOHRIUM
Emulating ALA
End of an experiential adage TWICESHY
Envelope phrase CAREOF
Examined closely EYED
Eye-bending paintings OPART
Finales of feasts DESSERTS
Find __ for (match with) AMATE
Fleming mad scientist DRNO
Freedom of action LATITUDE
Gather, as grain REAP
Globular SPHERIC
Go wrong ERR
Gobbled up EATEN
Group of close friends CIRCLE
Gymnastics move VAULT
Hanks' role in ''Sully'' PILOT
Hawaiian singing legend DONHO
Henry Ford's son EDSEL
Himalayan region TIBET
His Memorial statue was completed in 1920 ABELINCOLN
Holds to be true BELIEVES
How change will come to Iberians EUROS
Hunters' outerwear VESTS
Imitative APISH
In reserve ONICE
Inanimate zodiac sign LIBRA
Inheritance with a twist DNA
Interest group BLOC
It often precedes ''contested'' HOTLY
Jazz pianist born in 1920 DAVEBRUBECK
Clues Answers
Jazz singer Carmen MCRAE
Kept going PUSHEDON
Kept talking tediously DRONEDON
Key akin to C AMINOR
Kiddie coat fastener SNAP
Klondike's region YUKON
Latina's addr SRTA
Leading the league ONTOP
Lexus alternative ACURA
Lobby for URGE
Magazine publisher Forbes STEVE
Members of a ''League'' founded in 1920 WOMENVOTERS
Mexican revolutionary who retired from hostilities in 1920 PANCHOVILLA
Mid 11th-century date MLII
Miss Piggy's scarf BOA
Money order phrase PAYTO
Montréal stop sign ARRET
Most popular papal name JOHN
Nashville music, for short CANDW
National Humor Month APRIL
New York Hall of fame CARNEGIE
Of ocean motion TIDAL
One way to cook SAUTE
Oscar de la __ RENTA
Overly frugal TIGHT
Paid promotions ADS
Part of AD ANNO
Pepper holder MILL
Petrol measure LITRE
Places for pews NAVES
Poetic feet IAMBS
Pretty long time AGES
Resign DEMIT
Riverside BANK
Russia's legislature DUMA
Sci-fi author born in 1920 RAYBRADBURY
Sea swirl EDDY
Selects, with ''for'' OPTS
Semester TERM
Shaped like a funnel CONIC
Sharp as a tack ASTUTE
Show biz award quartet EGOT
Sierra Club cofounder MUIR
Smartphone screen array ICONS
Soft mineral TALC
Some soft drinks SODAS
Specialized market NICHE
Star of the Ziegfeld Follies of 1920 EDDIECANTOR
Stop it CEASE
Strong inclination BENT
Stuffed tiger of the comics HOBBES
Swedish-born star who made her film debut in 1920 GRETAGARBO
Talk show guest's device MIKE
Tel __ AVIV
Text message illustration EMOJI
To be, to Henri ETRE
Triple-tier sweets OREOS
Trucker's compartment CAB
Up to now SOFAR
Venetian ruler of yore DOGE
Virtuoso violinist born in 1920 ISAACSTERN
Volcano's outlet VENT
Went by coach BUSED
Wharton's university PENN
What loonies replaced ONES
With skill ABLY
Yellowish green OLIVE
Young male zebra COLT
__ Lanka SRI