The Sun - Two Speed - Jan 5 2020

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Clues Answers
007 without uniform for sure BOUND
Abusive at home having stolen bananas INSOLENT
Agent's ultimate motive is betrayal TREASON
All smiles RADIANT
Approach NEAR
Artist brought in can educate TRAIN
Bake ground British meat on skewer KEBAB
Balderdash NONSENSE
Bedroom bureau DRESSER
Bombing mission SORTIE
Bondage or thrall SERVITUDE
Bright Adrian warped time RADIANT
Change one's story? EDIT
Commemorative disc MEDALLION
Despot, explosive, incarcerates wounded Ray TYRANT
Disloyal act TREASON
Disrespectful INSOLENT
Enslavement riveted us strangely SERVITUDE
Fool's speech in poetic production of Lear? NONSENSE
Four points chucked in bulletin NEWSCAST
Four-winged insect BEE
Garden visitor from Danube estuary BEE
Great as playing blinder? tear gas
Illustrate DEPICT
Indian state GOA
Interlace KNIT
Clues Answers
Jewish scholar RABBI
Join outfit surrounding north KNIT
Kind of chop Katherine ate really awful at first KARATE
Live, having received new heart, and use lungs BREATHE
Male relative KINSMAN
Martial art KARATE
Meat cut from prize animal MEDALLION
Media report NEWSCAST
NHS worker NURSE
Obligated BOUND
One helping actors for a change? DRESSER
Oppressive ruler TYRANT
Revise text EDIT
Riot control measure tear gas
Royalist ousting grand relation KINSMAN
Run speedily away FLEE
Ships not finished — take flight FLEE
Snake found in summer? ADDER
Some despised epic talent show DEPICT
Some in Ur see harbour NURSE
Some wine areas quite close NEAR
Soul beat wild and perfect ABSOLUTE
State aim ultimately denied GOA
Synagogue official to waffle endlessly RABBI
Take in air BREATHE
Takeaway dish KEBAB
Tories ordered raid SORTIE