New York Times - Jan 4 2020

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Clues Answers
'And all that jazz' ETC
'Indubitably!' YESSIREEBOB
'Pow!' BLAM
'Ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop,' e.g SCAT
'Speaking of which ...' ONTHATNOTE
1814's Treaty of ___ GHENT
1991 Broadway musical nominated for 11 Tonys MISSSAIGON
2019 musical film with a substantial C.G.I. component CATS
A&W rival MUG
Animal shelter COTE
Antagonist of Ronald McDonald HAMBURGLAR
Apple showcase, say TECHDEMO
Attempts STABS
Audience response gauge CLAPOMETER
Author of 'One Day at HorrorLand' RLSTINE
Blue words IMSAD
Bubbleheaded DIM
Classic BBC sitcom, to fans ABFAB
Competition hosted by the U.S. every four years RYDERCUP
Computer issue, in brief EMAG
Concerns for team docs ACLS
Country singer Yearwood TRISHA
Crown ACME
Dashed SPED
Entertains during storytime READSTO
Espresso unit SHOT
Excited, in modern slang TURNT
Expel forcefully SPEW
Experts in 41-Across EMTS
First letter in the Torah BETH
Gulp (down) SNARF
Had a fast break? ATE
Home of the L.D.S. Church HQ SLC
Clues Answers
How to mend a broken heart? CPR
Hung (over) DRAPED
Images on the backs of South Carolina quarters WRENS
It describes your type ABOSYSTEM
It's totally tubular ZITI
Jazz riff LICK
Minor anomaly BLIP
More or less TOADEGREE
Movie based on the memoir 'Rocket Boys' (and an anagram of 'Rocket Boys') OCTOBERSKY
One often accused of blindness REF
Part of a goal NET
Potential cause of the apocalypse WORLDWARIII
Princess Fiona, e.g OGRESS
Professes ALLEGES
Real jerk SPASM
Real jerk, for short SOB
Served in a sauce made with orange juice, sugar and Grand Marnier SUZETTE
Sleep on it SHEET
Spice mixture RUB
Stock character in fictional labs IGOR
Support mechanism? LIKEBUTTON
Textile made using bobbins PILLOWLACE
Trash TOSS
Typical reader of John Green novels TEEN
U.S. radio station whose call letters spell the name of its city WACO
Waterway SLUICE
Whole number, in coding lingo INT
Winston's greatest fear in '1984' RATS
You may see stars because of one SWEARWORD
___ Terr., 1861-89 DAK
___-high KNEE