The Guardian - Everyman crossword No 3,819 - Dec 22 2019

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Clues Answers
Report following that woman's affair SHEBANG
A curry, beer cans laid out as festive treat (9.5) CRANBERRYSAUCE
A little dab at Ikea fabric BATIK
Alcoholic aficionado on vacation, scoundrel's drinking orangey liqueurs CURACAOS
Cartoon character sounded kind of fat OLIVEOYL
Cask of don drunk with crisps, etc SNACKFOOD
Clever? Solomon? To some extent? To a huge extent! EVERSO
Colonel ingests oxygen atop headland, showing aplomb COOLNESS
Dislocated nine noses? Definitely not INNOSENSE
Ignore eyewitness without hesitation (4.2) PASSBY
Intimidate and turn spy with touch PSYCHOUT
Invention that secures part of level crossing VELCRO
Lets out what a Cockney comic does, we're told EGESTS
Miss getting into album? Shut up CLOSED
Clues Answers
Next to west section of church, left a kind of orange NAVEL
Oaf's to run about, in a way OFASORT
Opens a French port and sips (to begin with) UNCORKS
President grandly dines, leading to gym session PRESSUPS
Recklessly races back for pescatarian's dish CRABCAKES
Russia's banks fiddle endlessly with cases from Italy RAVIOLI
Shocked? About time to become experienced TASTED
Silk pants being laid out as festive treat PIGSINBLANKETS
So splendid VERYGOOD
Tint with blubber, leading to commotion HUEANDCRY
Tolkien's language not hard, reveals the King ELVIS
Uninjured, rare bird almost crashed into something met at high speed SOUNDBARRIER
What goes in mulled wine? Bit of cinnamon, dear CLOVE
Why so blue, kid? Regrettably, it's the drink DOUBLEWHISKY