The Guardian - Prize crossword No 28,004 - Dec 14 2019

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Clues Answers
As it was written round the loo of a certain European? SLAVIC
Because there's no beginning a Latin exam ORAL
Being stoned, has applied a decorative coating PEBBLEDASH
Broadcast people treated as a game PATIENCE
Canal workers, for whom there's no hope, welcoming lido refurbishment GONDOLIERS
Celebrated prizefighter making audible smear on vehicle SULLIVAN
Court judgement row over name LINE
Draws breath, since fleeing raiders PIRATES
Drink 'turned on' hotel employee PORTER
Emperor king gets in amid dodgy circle MIKADO
From the same source, money makes the writer IBSEN
Ideal place for patio conversion, after you texted UTOPIA
In confusion, turn over before syrupy TV broadcast TOPSYTURVY
Industrialised housing experiment TRIAL
It could denote feet of little note MINUTEMARK
Clues Answers
Mr White's gerbil smeared over Tarantino's head? GILBERT
New Zealand bird's partial intuition TUI
On very short cycle REV
One in favour of donning long protective wear PINAFORE
Penny fills black pudding, which emits gases JETPIPE
Poorly experienced Rex turned out to be the ultimate jigsaw puzzle completer ENDPIECE
Possible castle fortification said to be minor blemish MOAT
Rubbish Proust — result of too much drink? STUPOR
See 25 CALL
See 26 across STAY
Shrunk, emptied — essentially neglected UNKEMPT
Somewhat squeamish nanny's contribution to the Talmud MISHNA
Start to learn about Tibet suppressing resistance, before one books LIBRETTI
Town in New Zealand, one flooded with cash PENZANCE
Water distribution network connected to river support MAIN