L.A. Times Daily - Nov 19 2009

Clues Answers
"It's __ business" NOONES
200 milligrams, to a jeweler ONECARAT
66 and others: Abbr. RTES
A handful of SOME
Actors, often EMOTERS
Alamogordo's county OTERO
Belfast's province ULSTER
Ben-Gurion, e.g. ISRAELI
Blazed furiously RAGED
British actor Robert, the original Colonel Pickering in "My Fair Lady" COOTE
Candidate's handout FLYER
Cape Cod site of a JFK museum HYANNIS
Carried BORNE
Choir member TENOR
Christmas quaff NOG
Classroom drilling ROTE
Colombian city CALI
Come out ahead GAIN
Common crowd reaction in monster films HYSTERIA
Common nickname for a doter NANA
Confrontation RUNIN
Contemporary of Dizzy and Billie ELLA
Corp. money manager CFO
Corroded EATEN
Debt indicators IOUS
Dresden's river ELBE
Early Ford success MODELA
Early Peruvians INCAS
Ending with slug or gab FEST
Faulkner's "As __ Dying" ILAY
Fighting ATIT
Finished DONE
Gallery hanging ART
Golf course pest CANADAGOOSE
Gothic house feature GABLE
Hang onto HOLD
Hip-hop Dr. DRE
Clues Answers
How some jump? FORJOY
ID with hyphens SSN
Ill-fated Ford EDSEL
Kind of biological network NEURAL
La Brea goo TAR
Landlocked African country NIGER
Like lovers skipping church? ELOPING
Like some vaccines ORAL
Make amends ATONE
Mammoth features TUSKS
Navy commando SEAL
Nightmare, e.g. DREAM
Original primer used to paint the Golden Gate Bridge REDLEAD
Pearl Harbor site OAHU
Pharmaceutical giant that developed Celebrex SEARLE
Putter's target HOLE
Quite SUCH
River in Lyons SAONE
Road sign silhouette DEER
Senate posts SEATS
Seventh Greek letter ETA
Sex researcher Hite SHERE
Snakelike fish EEL
Some heroes HOAGIES
Source of the Law SINAI
Soviet spy org. KGB
Spinning toy manipulated with sticks CHINESEYOYO
Sport for 300-pounders SUMO
Ticked off IRKED
Trash emanations ODORS
Very big wind TUBA
Weightlifting event CLEANANDJERK
Where Jesus turned water to wine CANA
Windows predecessor MSDOS
__ Bator, Mongolia ULAN