The Guardian - Weekend crossword No 461 - Nov 2 2019

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Clues Answers
A legally binding declaration used especially to change one's name DEEDPOLL
African predators HYENAS
Ancient kingdom in what is now Jordan - or a city in Utah? MOAB
Bartholomew __, 15th century Portuguese explorer DIAZ
Beatrice __, co-founder of the London School of Economics WEBB
Charlotte __, Welsh singer CHURCH
City in northern Texas DALLAS
City where eponymous peace accords were agreed between Israel and the PLO in 1993 OSLO
Country bordered by Mozambique and Botswana ZIMBABWE
Courtney __, singer and actor LOVE
Desert covering much of Botswana KALAHARI
Magazine founded by Rosie Boycott, Marsha Rowe and others SPARERIB
Man freed by Pontius Pilate in preference to Jesus BARABBAS
Clues Answers
Mountain 20 on Hong Kong island VICTORIA
Mountainous route between Pakistan and Afghanistan KHYBER
Recurring character in Wodehouse novels PSMITH
Sandie __, 1960s pop singer SHAW
See 18 Across GAP
See 3 Down PASS
Shakespearian character for whom the quality of mercy is not strained? PORTIA
South African archbishop - or a so-so degree? TUTU
Symbol used to convey emotion, especially on messaging services EMOTICON
The __, 1893 painting by Munch SCREAM
Town in the Scottish borders, home to Queen Mary's House JEDBURGH
__ Platell, journalist and former press secretary to William Hague AMANDA