The Washington Post - Jan 2 2020

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Clues Answers
'It's all false!' LIES
'Louisiana Real & Rustic' chef EMERIL
'My Way' lyricist ANKA
'Not so fast!' EASY
'Search me' IDUNNO
'The Hunger Games' setting DYSTOPIA
Actor Milo OSHEA
Air filter acronym HEPA
Ambulance destinations, briefly ERS
Approach stealthily, with 'on' SNEAKUP
Appropriate COOPT
Bad blood ENMITY
Baking amts TSPS
Bath's county SOMERSET
Biblical descendant of Jacob ISRAELITE
Bite like a puppy NIPAT
Campsite bunks COTS
Can't-miss NOLOSE
Chilling EERIE
Cold Stone buy CONE
Common email attachments PDFS
Convenience store MART
Drag one's feet TARRY
Employment statistics JOBSDATA
Fantasize DREAM
Feel compassion for, with 'on' TAKEPITY
Fired (up) AMPED
Formerly employed by The Company EXCIA
Full of hot air GASSY
Got word about LEARNEDOF
Greek vowels ETAS
Grumpy response to 'Are you awake?' IAMNOW
He reveals the Wizard TOTO
House Beautiful subject DECOR
Clues Answers
How café is often served CONLECHE
Kid around JEST
Long exam answer ESSAY
Long of 'Third Watch' NIA
Longship propeller OAR
Make easier to bear ALLEVIATE
Not leaving to chance ENSURING
Number one Hun ATTILA
On deck NEXTUP
One who leaves audiences 50-Across STANDUPCOMIC
One who leaves garments 50-Across SEAMSTRESS
One who leaves patients 50-Across BRAINSURGEON
Orangey fruit PERSIMMON
Pedometer count STEPS
Playwright Chekhov ANTON
Point after deuce ADIN
Prepared-salad seller DELI
Raisin bran tidbit FLAKE
Rods for roasting SPITS
Salmon, to bears PREY
San Diego County racetrack DELMAR
See 17-, 25- and 38-Across INSTITCHES
Several AFEW
Singer between Melanie and Joan at Woodstock ARLO
Smokehouse process CURING
Some are imperfect TENSES
Studies in detail DISSECTS
Suffix with persist ENCE
Tablet with Siri IPAD
Tomato __ PASTE
Violent storms TEMPESTS
www addresses URLS
Yoga surface MAT