- Jan 1 2020

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Clues Answers
''Now I've got you!'' AHA
''Simpsons'' grandpa ABE
A host (of) TONS
Accompanying WITH
Actress Stone EMMA
Athens attraction PARTHENON
Autumn implements RAKES
Bakery aide ICER
Casino staffer DEALER
Champs-Élysées landmark ARCH
Checked out TRIED
Chider's sounds TSKTSK
Complain MOAN
Complete negotiations SEALTHEDEAL
Connecticut university YALE
Cool off, perhaps BEATTHEHEAT
Criminal, to cops PERP
Deck cleaner SWAB
Do without SKIP
Elastic material LATEX
Enormous HUGE
Feel bad about RUE
Feel off AIL
Founded BASED
From around here LOCAL
Garment with arms SHIRT
Hard to believe, as an excuse LAME
Herding dog COLLIE
High point APEX
Hogwash TRIPE
Hunted one PREY
Informal greeting HIYA
Just slightly ATAD
Keep out BAR
Less risky SAFER
Motives WHYS
Motorless vehicles SLEDS
Not away ATHOME
Not fooled by ONTO
Clues Answers
Of few words TERSE
Old pros ACES
One of golf's ''majors'' PGA
One way to vote AYE
One's old school ALMAMATER
Ones in charge RULERS
Oratorio selection ARIA
Parakeet or poodle PET
Phi Beta __ KAPPA
Phoenix suburb MESA
Piece of grass BLADE
Plane landing area STRIP
Predatory fish SHARK
Quite quickly APACE
Raconteur's talent WIT
Recede EBB
Repels, with ''off'' FENDS
Risky business, for short SPEC
Shine upon BLESS
Sign of a sale REDTAG
Some laughs HAHA
Son of Abraham ISAAC
Split __ (quibble) HAIRS
Sporting sword EPEE
Stand up ARISE
Steamed up RILED
Sticky stuff GLUE
Sundance's girlfriend ETTA
Surpass all, undesirably TAKETHECAKE
Swiss skiing spot ALP
Tiny spot of land ISLET
Tourney passes BYES
Undersea travelers SUBS
Unusual collectible CURIO
Vocal ORAL
Winter bug FLU
Wipe clean ERASE
Work perfectly FILLTHEBILL
__ Major (bear constellation) URSA