L.A. Times Daily - Nov 18 2009

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Clues Answers
"Bonanza" brother HOSS
"Ditto" IDOTOO
"Just kidding!" NOT
"No ifs, __ ..." ANDS
"The Merry Widow" composer LEHAR
"__ Father ..." OUR
*"All I Wanna Do" singer SHERYLCROW
*"Seven Year Ache" country singer ROSANNECASH
*"The Mark of Zorro" star (1940) TYRONEPOWER
*French writer who befriended Chopin GEORGESAND
*Longtime "American Bandstand" host DICKCLARK
*Notable member of The Second City improv group JOHNCANDY
100% ALL
1963 role for Liz CLEO
Author Shaw IRWIN
Bach work TOCCATA
Banned pesticide DDT
Best type of situation WINWIN
Bette's "Divine" nickname MISSM
Bongo or conga DRUM
Canadian rd. sign letters KPH
Catchall abbr. ETAL
Chat idly: Var. SHMOOZE
City west of Tulsa ENID
Does some garden maintenance WATERS
Ecol. or agric. SCI
Eden gardener ADAM
Fallen space station MIR
Fashionable London area SOHO
Finish ahead of OUTDO
Fires, with "off" LAYS
Friend of Pooh ROO
Fruit drink suffix ADE
Gardner of "Mogambo" AVA
Gibraltar landmark ROCK
Gillette's __ II TRAC
Greater N.Y.C. campus LIU
Hagen of Broadway UTA
Clues Answers
Half a Kenyan rebel MAU
Happy hour site, and word that can follow each last name in the answers to starred clues BAR
Hears arguments in court TRIESACASE
Just barely ATAD
King Arthur's meeting spot ROUNDTABLE
King, to a subject SIRE
Labor Day mo. SEP
Lover of Christine, in "The Phantom of the Opera" RAOUL
Masked critter COON
Mimosa family tree ACACIA
Nantes negative NON
Nissan sedan ALTIMA
Not naked DECENT
Not nerdy COOL
Note after fa SOL
Noun modifier: Abbr. ADJ
Official emergency status CODERED
Pained cry OUCH
Painter's medium ACRYLIC
Parkinsonism drug LDOPA
Popular HOT
Puccini opera TOSCA
Rolled oats cereal MUESLI
Running free LOOSE
Spice Girl Halliwell GERI
Street shader ELM
Takes steps ACTS
Time-share units CONDOS
University officer REGENT
Very old: Abbr. ANC
Voice above tenor ALTO
Warning from a doghouse SNARL
Went up ROSE
Wood fastener NAIL
World's largest river by volume AMAZON
__ tick: disease carrier LYME
__ union: same-sex relationship status CIVIL