New York Times - Dec 31 2019

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Clues Answers
'Dear Santa' requests TOYS
'God Save the Queen,' for one ANTHEM
'___ after class' SEEME
*Almost-identical pair, figuratively TWOPEASINAPOD
*Currency replaced by the euro IRISHPOUND
*Decorative garden feature with fish KOIPOND
*It flows through Turin RIVERPO
Actress Patricia of 'Hud' NEAL
Alternative to an Airbnb INN
Apply suddenly, as brakes SLAMON
Big name in chocolate and bottled water NESTLE
Big name in sunglasses RAYBAN
Call off, as a mission ABORT
Cast away, like Crusoe MAROONED
Clear tables in a restaurant BUS
Clinch victory in ICE
Comment at a bridge table PASS
Common first word DADA
Common New Year's resolution -- as hinted at by the answers to the four starred clues LOSEWEIGHT
Composer whose work might be appropriate during March Madness? SOUSA
Country on an isthmus PANAMA
Diving gear SCUBA
Doctors' org AMA
Drive-up bank conveniences ATMS
Duchess of ___ (Goya subject) ALBA
Egg cells OVA
Eggs on sushi ROE
Elsa's sister in 'Frozen' ANNA
Emotion that's 'raised' IRE
Fans of Conan O'Brien, colloquially TEAMCOCO
Floral necklace LEI
G.O.P. fund-raising org RNC
Get down on the dance floor BOOGIE
Give kudos PRAISE
Gym lifter's unit REP
Herbal brews TEAS
Home to seven '-stan' countries ASIA
Clues Answers
Humanitarian org. since 1946 UNICEF
It's reshaped by Lasik surgery CORNEA
James of Her Majesty's Secret Service BOND
Just one small bite ATASTE
Kagan on the bench ELENA
Like 2, 4, 6, 8 .. EVEN
Like some teeth, pork and punches PULLED
Like the French and Italian flags TRICOLOR
Limited, as a search NARROW
Mafia bosses CAPOS
Magnetite and cassiterite ORES
Makes a boo-boo ERRS
Many an adopted pet RESCUE
Neglects, as responsibilities SHIRKS
Not go bad KEEP
Olympics chant USA
Oodles ALOT
Periods after the fourth qtr OTS
Pigeon's sound COO
Preachers preach it GOSPEL
Result of a coup OUSTER
Sentence shortener PAROLE
Silently bids adieu WAVESBYE
Star pitchers ACES
Subtle acknowledgments SLYNODS
Supplements ADDSTO
Tennis's Arthur ___ Stadium ASHE
Thank you, in Tokyo ARIGATO
The mermaid in 'The Little Mermaid' ARIEL
Top-notch AONE
Trip through the bush SAFARI
Tropical fruit with orange flesh PAPAYA
Wagner on a very valuable baseball card HONUS
Yarn purchase SKEIN
Zapped at a riot, perhaps TASED
___ a soul (no one) NARY
___ Sea (mostly dried-up lake) ARAL