The Sun - Two Speed - Dec 31 2019

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Clues Answers
Acetic acid VINEGAR
Aim under canvas? INTENT
Always appearing in these verses EVER
Ancient AGED
At any time EVER
Batsmen in first OPENERS
Boast keeping rook in sack BRAG
Card game BRAG
Celebration PARTY
City on Ruhr ESSEN
Cleaner on beat makes music RAGTIME
Comprehensive GENERAL
Cricketers who remove caps? OPENERS
Deep wound from Goodwood? GASH
Desperate character at church disco DANCE
Drinking consequence HANGOVER
Extinguish DOUSE
Extravagant LAVISH
Fail to care for NEGLECT
Famous linesman demolished toilets T S Eliot
Flesh wound GASH
Focused INTENT
Garden bug APHID
Gin initially served in royal house: have one tomorrow? HANGOVER
Greek city state SPARTA
Ignore gentle Dicky involving Conservative NEGLECT
Clues Answers
Jazz style RAGTIME
Liquid measure GALLON
Long round shape CYLINDER
Misconception DELUSION
Modernist poet T S Eliot
Move to music DANCE
Old part in teenage dreams AGED
Pressure husband coming in to assist sucker? APHID
Relaxed solo played with energy LOOSE
Road tester crashing STREET
Role taken in South Africa's ancient city SPARTA
Say Tories do? PARTY
Senior army officer in overall GENERAL
Shape found amid block of cars CYLINDER
Short assignment ERRAND
Six having whip-round that's generous LAVISH
Some sausages sent for German city ESSEN
Something bitter available — eight pints! GALLON
Sour liquid in grave bubbling VINEGAR
Stop temper in place at risk ENDANGER
Thoroughfare STREET
Transgress with mission ERRAND
Untethered LOOSE
Used loin in stew that's fancy DELUSION
You should take snuff out DOUSE