Universal - Dec 30 2019

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Clues Answers
"Because I said so," e.g REASON
"How fashionable!" TRESCHIC
"Read my ___!" LIPS
"Somethin' 'Bout a Truck" singer Moore KIP
"Son of a ..." WHYYOU
"Star Wars" general Organa LEIA
"The Tao of Pooh" author HOFF
*Anthropocentric jet type? SUPERSONIC
*Egocentric truck tankful? (note each starred answer's middle letters) DIESELFUEL
*Geocentric international concern? NUCLEARTHREAT
*Heliocentric athletic outfit? SPORTSUNIFORM
1/500 of a ream SHEET
A high-top sneaker covers it ANKLE
Actress Hayworth RITA
Adams who played Lois Lane AMY
As an example FORONE
Back of the neck NAPE
Back talk SASS
Bad romantic partner LIAR
Be overrun (with) TEEM
Bedbugs and such PESTS
Black Sea port city ODESSA
Blue-green shades TEALS
Cain's brother ABEL
Chances ODDS
Chills, as champagne ICES
Commotion ADO
Completely stretched TAUT
Dance style with a soft-shoe variety TAP
Defendants' appeals PLEAS
Dozes (off) NODS
DuVernay film about Martin Luther King Jr SELMA
Even once EVER
Exit ___ (election data source) POLL
Explosive power units MEGATONS
Fervor ZEST
Feudal tenant VASSAL
Frequently, poetically OFT
Game with Skip cards UNO
Clues Answers
Gas brand with collectible toy trucks HESS
Gem that's eight on the Mohs scale TOPAZ
Gets 100% on ACES
Green prefix ECO
Guthrie who sang "Alice's Restaurant" ARLO
Honolulu's island OAHU
It sticks to a stick SAP
Japanese noodle UDON
Lead-in to "whiz" or "whillikers" GEE
Lively dance POLKA
Loafing around IDLE
March snaps, perhaps? COLDSPELLS
Noted seashell seller SHE
Object detected with a radio telescope PULSAR
Opposing vote NAY
Org. that checks boarding passes TSA
Place for a contact EYE
Puzzle solver's cry AHA
Reaches a cost of RUNSTO
Really love ADORE
Schedule segment SLOT
Scoffing look SNEER
Signs, as a deal INKS
Simple card game WAR
Slice, as a turkey CARVE
Small river STREAM
Sound in a bucket SLOSH
Start of a Web address HTTP
Sticky GLUEY
Tapenade ingredient OLIVE
Tater SPUD
Terminate a relationship ENDIT
The One in "The Matrix" NEO
True blue LOYAL
Unwelcome task ONUS
Words said before taking off IDBETTERGO
___ End THE
___-A-Whirl TILT