- Dec 30 2019

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Clues Answers
''. . . had a farm, __'' EIEIO
''Fast'' breakfast orders THREEMINUTEEGGS
''Fast'' food preparers SHORTORDERCOOKS
''Fast'' hot drink ingredient INSTANTCOCOAMIX
''Hey, you!'' PSST
''Scram!'' SHOO
''That's amazing!'' GEE
Ability to move fast SPEED
Allow to enter ADMIT
Answering-machine sound TONE
Apiece EACH
Ballerina garb TUTU
Beginning stage ONSET
Behaved ACTED
Bit of water DROP
Brick worker MASON
Ceramic square TILE
Change for $5 ONES
Church speeches: Abbr SERS
Colonial news source CRIER
Comical quality WIT
Common evening news hr TENPM
Discourage DETER
Double-curve letters ESSES
Envelope's routing abbr ATTN
Explorer Heyerdahl THOR
Factual TRUE
Farmland measure ACRE
Fine fabric SATIN
Former fast plane: Abbr SST
Get ready to rage SEETHE
Green citrus fruit LIME
Hand-on-Bible ritual OATH
Honking birds GEESE
Horse's meal OATS
Hurricane centers EYES
Insignificant MERE
Kept out of sight HID
Clues Answers
Leave out OMIT
Leg joint KNEE
Long walk HIKE
Make a choice DECIDE
Make over REDO
Makes amends ATONES
Manage somehow COPE
Marathon, for one RACE
Marquee name STAR
Metal that rusts IRON
More than a few MANY
Nevada city RENO
Noble principles IDEALS
Not moving STILL
Not very sensible INANE
Nuisances PESTS
Occupies a chair SITS
Paramedic: Abbr EMT
Phrase of understanding ISEE
Piece of bacon STRIP
Post-office machine SCALE
Pressed a doorbell RANG
Quick memo NOTE
Racetrack transactions BETS
React to ragweed SNEEZE
Repetitive learning method ROTE
Schoolbooks TEXTS
Sculptor's material CLAY
Similar AKIN
Small songbirds WRENS
Stallion's son COLT
Stand up ARISE
Stuffed-drain problem CLOG
Thick slice SLAB
Use a microwave on ZAP
Wanting to scratch ITCHY
Wedding-vow exchanges IDOS
Where Pago Pago is SAMOA
__ energy (nuclear power) ATOMIC