Universal - Nov 18 2009

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Clues Answers
"And ___ conclude ..." SOTO
"Bette Davis ___" EYES
"Pronto!" ASAP
"Spartacus" setting ROME
"Theater" or "party" add-on GOER
"___ Called Horse" AMAN
A house may be built on it SLAB
Allow to breathe, in a way DECANT
Ann ___, Mich. ARBOR
Arch type OGEE
Arctic abodes IGLOOS
Baby wipes additive ALOE
Beauty's love BEAST
Bit of superhero attire CAPE
Black-and-white snack OREO
Blathered PRATTLED
Blind rage IRE
Bronte sister ANNE
Brought into the world BORN
Burlesque piece SKIT
Burning with desire ARDENT
Caledonian Canal stop LOCH
Catcher behind the plate? BIB
Citizens can make it ARREST
Coffee alternative COCOA
Computer symbol ICON
Cook eggs a certain way SCRAMBLE
Coward of note NOEL
D.C.-to-Baltimore dir. ENE
Day of movies DORIS
Diversify, as a diet VARY
Dolphin fin DORSAL
Don of talk radio IMUS
Ewelike OVINE
Fizzy drink SODA
Former leader of Burma UNU
Former Mar-a-Lago resident IVANA
Get used (to) ENURE
Clues Answers
Ghostly pale ASHEN
Greet a villain HISS
Hägar the Horrible's dog SNERT
Heavy sword SABER
Hosiery woe SNAG
Indiana cager PACER
King book INSOMNIA
King book THESTAND
Lampoon SPOOF
Lessen ABATE
Like a designated driver SOBER
Like expensive meat LEAN
Like neglected furniture DUSTY
Loud argument in public, e.g. SCENE
Lox partner BAGEL
Massive mammal RHINO
Mercury product SABLE
Paint remover STRIPPER
Perfect one's skills HONE
Pixar parent company DISNEY
Play with rings TOSS
Quarter-round molding OVOLO
Singing brothers of "Rag Mop" AMES
Six-time U.S. Open champ Chris EVERT
Smart-alecky PERT
Soda nut KOLA
They may be rolled over IRAS
Traffic cop, at times CITER
Unit of light intensity LUMEN
Wailing Irish spirits BANSHEES
Woodwind lower than a piccolo OBOE
Word in a conditional statement ELSE
___ de plume NOM
___ fide (in bad faith) MALA
___ spell (relax) SITA