Universal - Dec 28 2019

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Clues Answers
"Airplane!" actor Bridges LLOYD
"Can I get you anything ___?" ELSE
"King of the Hill" town ARLEN
"Long, long ___ ..." AGO
"The Raven" writer POE
101 course INTRO
12, say, for a tween AGE
1967 hit whose title is sung before "all in my brain" (... 7- and 23-Down) PURPLEHAZE
A billion years EON
A couple of bucks, say? DEER
Anger IRE
Apple products since 2001 IPODS
Basics of a topic ABCS
Brazilian metropolis, slangily RIO
Capture NAB
Certain microbrew ALE
Ciphers CODES
Collision sound WHAM
Color, as a '60s T-shirt TIEDYE
Crew tool OAR
Curves ARCS
Daring BOLD
Dark bread grain RYE
Days of ___ YORE
Descartes or Russo RENE
Dog walker's command HEEL
Early karate level YELLOWBELT
End of some birth announcements BOY
Environmental prefix ECO
Far from specific GENERAL
Flow slowly TRICKLE
Food fish in the Gulf of Mexico REDSNAPPER
Fully committed ALLIN
Funny Jay LENO
Gas in many lights NEON
Get some sun TAN
Government-appointed group of experts BLUERIBBONPANEL
Harding portrayed by Margot Robbie TONYA
Imminently SOON
Clues Answers
Impelled DROVE
Kenan's partner KEL
Layer with a hole OZONE
Leaf of a book FOLIO
Like 1 or 101 ODD
Like some stares ICY
Lumps of sugar or ice CUBES
Mafia chief CAPO
Martini garnish (mix the colors in 7- and 15-Down) GREENOLIVE
Not quite ROFL LOL
Not ___ in the world ACARE
One who walks into a 33-Across, in some jokes RABBI
Overly controlling BOSSY
Palindromic fashion magazine ELLE
Pancakes in Paris, perhaps CREPES
Physicians, briefly MDS
Piece of the pie SLICE
POTUS who tried to change the day of Thanksgiving FDR
Prefix for "complete" or "correct" AUTO
Prohibition-era beverage NEARBEER
Queued (up) LINED
Real-life award featured in "Mad Men" CLIO
Refer to CITE
Run-down SEEDY
See 39-Across BAR
Sensitive ID SSN
Skateboarders' protections PADS
Soothing plant ALOE
SpaceX's Musk ELON
Store for the outdoorsy REI
The Jetsons' dog ASTRO
Up to it ABLE
Use a pogo stick HOP
Visible SEEN
Wane EBB
What cliff faces gradually do ERODE
Word after "office" or "playing" POLITICS
___ one's time (waited) BIDED
___ wrench ALLEN