L.A. Times Daily - Dec 28 2019

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Clues Answers
"... or so __" ITHOUGHT
"Listen to me ... " SEEHERE
"Neener neener!" SOTHERE
"Pippin" Tony winner VEREEN
"The Last Jedi" heroine REY
"__, queen!": slangy celebratory words YAS
11, at times: Abbr NOV
Agreeable way of seeing EYETOEYE
Agrees to, in a way SHAKESON
Alibis OUTS
Apparent displacement due to perspective PARALLAX
Author Harper LEE
Bar subject LAW
Bay of __, which includes the Cantabrian Sea BISCAY
Biathlete's need RIFLE
Big name in investment banking SACHS
Bird's-eye view? BEAK
Black Hills terr DAK
Black __ OPS
Breakdown of social norms ANOMIE
Breeze (through) SAIL
Charlatan HOAXER
Chico was the first-born one MARX
Condition STATE
Cuts off contact with GHOSTS
Disorderly sort SLOB
Down times NAPS
Early GE subsidiary RCA
Expert WHIZ
Family-friendly ratings PGS
Florida's first two-term Republican governor JEBBUSH
Clues Answers
Ford's Crown __ VIC
Gad about ROVE
Gives an earful SHOUTSAT
Go too far OVERDO
Groups of players CASTS
Guaranteed SUREFIRE
Hog owner BIKER
How much freelance work is done ONSPEC
It's a wrap SARONG
Kingston address MON
Makes a long face POUTS
Makeup kit item QTIP
Minor arguments SPATS
Monopoly pieces HOUSES
More scant SPARER
Mythical weeper NIOBE
Nature Valley offering NUTBAR
Not many AFEW
Odysseus' kingdom ITHACA
Oopsy or Funshine, e.g CAREBEAR
Port captured in Sherman's March to the Sea SAVANNAH
Rap hit heard in the 2009 biopic "Notorious" BIGPOPPA
Regional birds AVIFAUNA
Sense organ RECEPTOR
Shaving spots NAPES
Singer/actress who voices Meechee in "Smallfoot" ZENDAYA
Site with "Living Healthy" guides WEBMD
Smooth operator, one would hope SURGEON
Soda __ JERK
Some cells NOKIAS
Sound from one who's out SNORE
Tight military formation PHALANX
Tony-winning musical that draws inspiration from "Sesame Street" AVENUEQ
Tropical fruit PAPAYA
Two-faced god JANUS
What many a player does ACTS