New York Times - Dec 28 2019

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Clues Answers
'Put Your Head on My Shoulder' singer, 1959 ANKA
'You and me both' ICANRELATE
Annexed land of 2014 CRIMEA
Autumn shade RUSSET
Baker's units: Abbr TSPS
Baking entrepreneur Wally AMOS
Body builder? DNA
Bratlings IMPS
Bronze Age chronicle ILIAD
Censure of a senator ETTU
Character in 'Monsters, Inc.' COMMA
Coach BUS
Doe, perhaps ALIAS
Fancy spread PATE
Fill for a grill COALS
Finds a way MAKESDO
Firm leaders, for short CEOS
Forewarned ONNOTICE
Form of relief ALMS
Former Soviet naval base ODESSA
Gave much less than 100% PHONEDITIN
Help in a small way? ASST
Historic barrier breaker, for short SST
Incomplete part of a contract DOTTEDLINE
Ingredient in a John Daly cocktail ICEDTEA
Involves ENTAILS
Juicy news alert GUESSWHAT
Last word in the first verse of 'Old Mother Hubbard' NONE
Less efficient washers TOPLOADERS
Letters that often precede a Ph.D GRE
Like a binge watcher, say HOOKED
Like some fruits and ice sheets CORED
Like some humor WRY
Like triple fudge brownies RICH
Clues Answers
Liquidity concern CASHFLOW
Menu caution SPICY
Mirrored APED
More than just in REDHOT
Myanmar neighbor LAOS
No-no at a fancy restaurant TSHIRT
Nothing to write home about SOSO
Number of sides on a PARE road sign OCHO
Old sports cars named for a fish STINGRAYS
One of the five rivers of 56-Across LETHE
Roald Dahl title character JAMES
Rush home? FRAT
See 39-Across HADES
Some framing supplies MATS
Speeds through the Downs, say GALLOPS
Springs for vacation trips SPAS
St. ___ College (school name in Indiana, Maryland and California) MARYS
Texting alternative? OTOH
They can get you into the Taj Mahal RUPEES
They're raised on farms BARNS
Things seen that aren't there HOLOGRAMS
Tiny amounts JOTS
Uncommon notes TWOS
User of the 'I Ching' ORACLE
Verdant LUSH
Vets, e.g.: Abbr DRS
Was completely satisfying HITTHESPOT
Where hands go in the Time Warp dance HIPS
Woman's name that becomes another woman's name if you switch the first and third letters RONA
Worries around the clock, perhaps LOSESSLEEP
___ plan DATA