USA Today - Feb 10 2020

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Clues Answers
'Golden' or 'Gilded' period AGE
'Huzzah!' YAY
'I hear that!' AMEN
'Old Town Road' singer Lil ___ X NAS
'Saturday Night Live' star Nwodim EGO
'There ought to be ___!' ALAW
'Valley of the Dolls' character NEELY
'What more can ___?' ISAY
'Yes, captain' AYEAYE
'___ to the Hexagon' (Chen Chen poem) ODE
2016 Olympics locale RIO
A regime change might usher one in NEWERA
Accessory with a face WRISTWATCH
Anna's sister in 'Frozen' ELSA
Apt rhyme for 'pursue' WOO
Arrive in no hurry MOSEYOVER
Bar supply ICE
Be behind on rent, say OWE
Biblical brother ABEL
City in northern Iraq MOSUL
Competitor of Colgate CREST
Deep-sea explorer DIVER
Deli spread MAYO
Director Lynne RAMSAY
Disability activist Wong ALICE
Drug sniffer, for short NARC
E.R. workers DRS
Exam type ORAL
Far-reaching volcanic output ASH
Flatbread eaten in Armenia LAVASH
Flightless bird EMU
Flightless bird RHEA
Flips out LOSESIT
Food storage room PANTRY
French for 'friend' AMI
Georgia's continent ASIA
Ingredient in some chips KALE
Introvert's need METIME
Clues Answers
Kit ___ bar KAT
Knee parts, for short ACLS
Like mares FEMALE
List-ending abbreviation ETAL
List-ending abbreviation ETC
LSAT alternative GRE
Method for locating a fracture BONESCAN
Mothers' sisters AUNTS
Musical pause REST
NBC News correspondent Mitchell ANDREA
No. 2 (Abbr.) ASST
One translation of 'qi' LIFEFORCE
Org. for lawyers ABA
Out of control ONATEAR
Part of a tennis match SET
Partner to odds ENDS
Pit gunk TAR
Place to eat oysters RAWBAR
Plaza Hotel girl ELOISE
Rap trio with the hit single 'Walk This Way' RUNDMC
Rip off BILK
Sandy feature of the National Park in Indiana DUNE
Sauces made from garlic and olive oil AIOLIS
Seoul-based automaker HYUNDAI
Smith who had their first number one album in 2017 SAM
Something learned LESSON
Spanish coins EUROS
Star-cross'd lover in Shakespeare ROMEO
Take place OCCUR
Testimony source, perhaps EYEWITNESS
Triumphant boast IWON
Try again, as a test RETAKE
Unsolid rock MAGMA
Will subjects ESTATES
Workplace inspection org OSHA
___ mirror REARVIEW
___ out (barely gets) EKES
___ sale BAKE