Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 15 2020

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Clues Answers
'Caught ya!' AHA
'Gee, ya think?' DUH
'Humbug!' BAH
'Put — on it!' ALID
'The Jungle' author Sinclair UPTON
'Unh-unh' NAH
50% HALF
Aegean island SAMOS
Ann Patchett's '— Canto' BEL
Antitoxins SERA
Billboard SIGN
Blackbird ANI
Boxing legend ALI
Cat's coat FUR
Chou En- — LAI
Clear the tables BUS
Comedian Sandler ADAM
Completely WHOLEHOG
Conspiracy PLOT
Customs HABITS
Debriefed person? NUDIST
Detergent SOAP
Dict. info DEF
Dossier FILE
Ellipse OVAL
End-of-wk. cry TGIF
Equal (Pref.) ISO
Fed. workplace monitor OSHA
Fermi's bit ATOM
Fill to the brim TOPOFF
Clues Answers
Fish with a prehensile tail SEAHORSE
Flamenco cry OLE
Govt. agents FEDS
Grant basis, at times NEED
Half a sextet TRIO
Half of dos UNO
Jargon suffix ESE
June honoree DAD
Listener EAR
Literary collections ANAS
Loathe HATE
Lotion additive ALOE
Madrid Mrs SRA
Make over REDO
Marine, informally DEVILDOG
Marseille monarch ROI
Mex. neighbor USA
Noble Italian family ESTE
Norway's capital OSLO
Nota — BENE
Ravi's instrument SITAR
Roasting rod SPIT
Silents star Mary ASTOR
South Pacific nation FIJI
Speaker of the House Nancy PELOSI
Staffers AIDES
Stitches SEWS
Taxi alternative UBER
Taxpayer IDs SSNS
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
Traditional tales LORE