New York Times - Dec 26 2019

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Clues Answers
'I've heard everything I need to hear' SPAREMETHEDETAILS
'That really hurt!' YOW
'What a long week!' TGIF
'___ is other people': Sartre HELL
Aunt ___ of 'Oklahoma!' ELLER
Average name DOW
Bibliographer's phrase of inclusion ETALII
Bind JAM
Black-and-white predators ORCAS
Bulk-purchase retailer COSTCO
Carrier that offers only kosher meals ELAL
Certain B.S. holder: Abbr ENGR
Classic tune often played by ice cream trucks XXXINTHESTRAW
Columbus-to-Cleveland dir NNE
Comic strip title character who is Beetle Bailey's sister LOIS
Commands respect from AWES
Consist of ARE
Cornered ATBAY
Dish seasoned with saffron PAELLA
Do some underground exploring SPELUNK
Doth proceed GOETH
Early Cuzco resident INCA
End notes CODA
Eponymous Dutch town EDAM
Estadio exclamation OLE
Find an ideal compromise XTHERIGHTBALANCE
Get to RILE
Golden ___ AGER
Higher-up EXEC
Highland tongue ERSE
Horror movie staple SCREAM
Instant SEC
It's not much work ERG
Letter in the NATO alphabet XRAY
Levels TIERS
Like skating rinks, typically OVAL
Magellan, e.g SPACEPROBE
Magic 8 Ball response YES
Manners WAYS
Clues Answers
Martin ___, 'London Fields' novelist AMIS
Menial LOWLY
Moon of Saturn named for a Titaness RHEA
Muscleman with a mohawk MRT
Not be oneself? ROLEPLAY
Old Pontiac with a V8 engine GTO
One who closely adheres to the Torah ORTHODOXJEW
Part of a parka HOOD
Picked locks? AFRO
Pie hole TRAP
Place for cold cuts DELICOUNTER
Places where people may have the knives out for you, in brief ORS
Prefix with -phyte NEO
Prefix with -phyte XERO
Pull TUG
Quite an accomplishment COUP
Quite an accomplishment FEAT
Relative of a haddock COD
Residents' org AMA
Rock group from Sydney ACSPAREDC
Runs up, as expenses INCURS
Secret headquarters for Bruce Wayne BATCAVE
Señora Perón EVA
Short SHY
Snarky remark JAB
Some library catalog info, for short ISBN
Something no single speaker provides STEREO
Sport that is the key to interpreting the answers to 21-, 40- and 56-Across BOWLING
Subject of several Georges Seurat paintings RIVERSEINE
Surfboard stabilizer SKEG
Swimming gold medalist Thorpe IAN
Talk show medium AMRADIO
Temporarily inactive ABEYANT
Transitional zone between two biomes ECOTONE
Uncultivated tract HEATH
Vets' charges PETS
Waitress at Mel's Diner FLO
Winter D.C. setting EST
Winter season YULE