The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8158

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Clues Answers
Became frantic with fear PANICKED
Circular; spherical ROUND
Citrus fruit LEMON
Cried out YELLED
Dagger symbols OBELI
Dip into a drink DUNK
Engrave; dedicate INSCRIBE
Game; pond POOL
Large grassland area PRAIRIE
Looked at lecherously OGLED
Clues Answers
Musical speeds TEMPOS
Palace near Paris VERSAILLES
Pampered pet LAPDOG
Preoccupied; forgetful absent-minded
Prevailing fashion VOGUE
Punch wildly lash out
Recommended but not compulsory ADVISORY
Scraps for swine PIGSWILL
Soup ingredient OXTAIL
Subject to confirmation on approval
To do with farming AGRICULTURAL
Weighs heavily (upon the mind) PREYS