The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 100,011 - Dec 25 2019

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Clues Answers
Additional gift good for Parisian and American BONUS
Almost tiring with Santa nearly out and on the way INTRANSIT
Amusing criminal carrying gold? Not one of the magi! IGNORAMUS
Books off time before Christmas, having rushed occasionally? That's bad ADVERSE
Charge for youth mostly receiving gifts up front PROTEGE
European translated Xmas papers EXAMS
Fairy ultimately positioned over top of tree? It's a gem! PERIDOT
Fancy half of chimneys are to rear CHIMERA
Flog antique: first-footer might come across it THRESHOLD
Foolish, like current number of ladies dancing ASININE
Get used to cool prime pieces of turkey INURE
Harsh wind facing leader of elves AUSTERE
Leaving London area, somewhere to spend the holidays in private ASIDE
Like one's hair, having worked out on sleigh? TOUSLED
Means to track sleigh's progress going up and down? RADAR
Museum to screen the Queen, and gallery VERANDA
Clues Answers
On retiring before remarkable night, naughty children can expect to receive this? NOTHING
Person scrounging from caroller, not one going round grotto SCAVENGER
Poem about eating last of Yule log? The opposite -- flipping Brussels! ECLOGUE
Pulp are big Boxing Day band BRIGADE
Reckons base on shaky seats will bear Cratchit's son ESTIMATES
Recommend one's red crackers ENDORSE
Regularly dally in country, where Christmas starts earlier than most AUSTRALIA
Release a Christmas novel, losing millions CATHARSIS
Rise above wild canters with reindeer, essentially TRANSCEND
Student terribly eager to wrap wife's stockings? LEGWEAR
Support touring pole on vacation to find accommodation TEPEE
Tell to get up to welcome opening of presents twice APPRISE
Tense husband finally wrote thank-you letter THETA
Territory in Lapland -- or Ramsgate? ANDORRA
Traces of gin cooked in hollowed-out sprouts SIGNS
Wise man, for example, lays on good loaf EGGHEAD