Universal - Dec 24 2019

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Clues Answers
"... in a one-horse open ___" SLEIGH
"Ars Amatoria" poet OVID
"Forrest Gump," e.g MOVIE
"Howdy!" HIYA
"Howdy, sailor!" AHOY
"That feels good!" AAH
"The Devil Wears ___" PRADA
50 minutes past the hour TENTO
A melon grows on one VINE
Amount consumed INTAKE
Anastasia ___ (lead role in "Fifty Shades of Grey") STEELE
Ancient prophet ORACLE
Archie Manning's youngest ELI
Bear with a "hunny" pot POOH
Beats together, as butter and sugar CREAMS
Blunted sword EPEE
Burn slightly CHAR
Cash register sound KACHING
Century when boomers were babies TWENTIETH
Cheerleader's energy PEP
City by Lake Erie's south shore ERIE
Cold tomato soup GAZPACHO
Comedian Wanda SYKES
Complete a course? EAT
Composer Satie ERIK
Copying APING
Cutting back PARING
Cutting part EDGE
Directly, directionally DUE
Do damage to MAR
Dolphin relative WHALE
DoorDash and TikTok APPS
Easily spread parasites LICE
Entree with a filling POTPIE
Estimates a price for APPRAISES
Feeling sore ACHY
Flow like molasses OOZE
Food list MENU
Go gray AGE
Clues Answers
Greiner of "Shark Tank" LORI
Hangs loose SAGS
Individually distinct DISCRETE
Informal talk CHAT
It climbs the walls IVY
John Candy's old show, familiarly SCTV
Key in TYPE
Late afternoon break TEATIME
Late Chinese-American architect PEI
Like chili peppers HOT
Like sour grapes TART
Many a University of Aberdeen student SCOT
Michelle or Barack, for Malia PARENT
Money, slangily DINERO
No longer fresh TRITE
No longer outstanding PAID
One receiving many calls at work OPERATOR
Pace slower than a canter TROT
Part of a cricket song CHIRP
Pinnacle ACME
Plunders LOOTS
Positive reply YES
Quickly, or what rows 3, 6 and 10 do? CHOPCHOP
Self-absorbed sort EGOMANIAC
She/___ pronouns HER
Soccer commentator's shout GOAL
Soil loosener HOE
Soldier on guard SENTRY
Tennis contest MATCH
They may be vain HOPES
They see the glass half full OPTIMISTS
Throat ailment STREP
To be, in France ETRE
Very annoyed PEEVED
Well-put APT
Where charity begins ATHOME
Word before "female" or "ray" ALPHA
Zebra's mother MARE