- Dec 24 2019

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Clues Answers
''Bedtime'' reading STORY
''Look what I did!'' TADA
''Not guilty,'' for one PLEA
Acts like a gossip DISHESDIRT
African nation with a ''South'' namesake SUDAN
Aid in a crime ABET
Back talk SASS
Biblical song PSALM
Broadcast's sound AUDIO
Casino city, for short VEGAS
City around the Vatican ROME
Colo. neighbor WYO
Didn't like at all HATED
Didn't throw out SAVED
Double-curve letter ESS
Egypt's desert SAHARA
Extinguish, as a fire DOUSE
Fa, __, la, ti . . SOL
Flour sack wt., maybe TENLB
Fraternity jewelry PIN
Frying medium LARD
Gives temporarily LENDS
Glossy fabrics SATINS
Go out with another couple DOUBLEDATE
Go with the flow ADAPT
Heroic tales EPICS
Hertz competitor AVIS
Historical periods ERAS
In addition ALSO
Invoice BILL
Jockey's seat SADDLE
Keep for later SETASIDE
Know somehow FEEL
Leaves high and dry ABANDONS
Lincoln's nickname ABE
Mad as __ hen AWET
Made bright SHINED
Make the first bet OPEN
Mardi __ GRAS
Clues Answers
Matured AGED
Maui or Tahiti ISLE
Mechanical beings ROBOTS
Mickey Mouse colleague DONALDDUCK
More than a few MANY
Neighborhood AREA
Net-guarding hockey position GOALIE
Not a duplicate: Abbr ORIG
Notion IDEA
Numerical info DATA
Out of danger SAFE
Pantry pests ANTS
Potato, slangily SPUD
Practice boxing SPAR
Prayer ender AMEN
Price stickers TAGS
Reach across SPAN
Sandwich shops DELIS
Schoolroom furnishings DESKS
Self-assurance APLOMB
Sharp taste TANG
Ship of 1492 NINA
Slender SLIM
Small canine LAPDOG
Software buyer USER
Some mag pages ADS
Soup alternatives SALADS
Store's sales event DOLLARDAYS
Suffix for stock or block ADE
Teheran's land IRAN
Tenant's payment RENT
Tenor's solo ARIA
Test score GRADE
The worth of something VALUE
They don't mingle LONERS
Western film OATER
With wide-open mouth AGAPE
__ Baba ALI
__ Grey tea EARL