The Sun - Two Speed - Dec 24 2019

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Clues Answers
Abominable author ridiculed to an extent HORRID
Ace beaten for style AFRO
Alliance UNION
Apple garden ORCHARD
Argument DISPUTE
Business practice CUSTOM
Command ORDER
Daintily-built PETITE
Declare guiltless ABSOLVE
Deteriorate as tea bags will? go to pot
Deterrent missile TRIDENT
Dish with prawn, chicken and dog COCKTAIL
Essential triangle replotted INTEGRAL
Established usage CUSTOM
Ex-student from rad university in crowd GRADUATE
Fall into ruin (informal) go to pot
Female name ELLEN
Flightless bird KIWI
Get ale brewed for young winger? EAGLET
Great fire INFERNO
Gumption (informal) NOUS
Hear important little New Zealander KIWI
In river I had Poseidon's weapon TRIDENT
Inexpensive CHEAP
Lacking enthusiasm LISTLESS
Clues Answers
Leaf in book PAGE
Long-distance runner MILER
Matrimony happening after college UNION
Mature and moving programme AGENDA
Metal brick INGOT
Miserly bloke around east CHEAP
Mixed drink COCKTAIL
Nine for cooking in Hell INFERNO
No American has common sense NOUS
No inclination? No energy! LISTLESS
Person with a degree GRADUATE
Repulsive HORRID
Ribs to put out in restaurant BISTRO
Roundish hairstyle AFRO
Row D is located above E DISPUTE
Sailors love tortured excuse ABSOLVE
Schedule AGENDA
Small eatery BISTRO
Small familiar item ultimately missed PETITE
Some Bedouin go to bar INGOT
Some spectator eliminates rising athlete MILER
Sort out instruction to waiter ORDER
Summon boy in knight's service PAGE
The Spanish and the French name girl ELLEN
Where one grows fruit or vegetable ORCHARD
Young bird of prey EAGLET