Wall Street Journal - Dec 24 2019 - Gift Returns

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Clues Answers
“Au contraire!” NOTSO
“Did ___ You Know” (Red Hot Chili Peppers song) ILET
“Frozen” princess ANNA
“Give it ___!” AREST
“Heavens!” OHNO
“His ___” (Michael Jordan nickname) AIRNESS
“Joyeux” holiday NOEL
“On the first ___ of...” DAY
“___ we trust” INGOD
Acknowledges nonverbally NODSTO
Alan of “The Four Seasons” ALDA
Antler point TINE
Banquet, say MEAL
Brewer’s ingredient MALT
Cannes coin EURO
City on Puget Sound TACOMA
Combo’s performances SETS
Conductor’s cry ALLABOARD
Cushy course EASYA
Despite the likelihood of failure AGAINSTALLODDS
Devil ray MANTA
Dockworkers LADERS
Explorer of the southeastern United States DESOTO
First word in a letter to Santa DEAR
French friend AMI
Grandson of Adam ENOS
Grassy area LEA
Hefty book TOME
Humbug ROT
Irish singer with a 2006 “Sounds of the Season” album ENYA
Is intense, as a snowstorm RAGES
Item with a little bow on it MODELSHIP
Less distant NEARER
Like stags and stallions MALE
Lyft rival UBER
Meg of “Sleepless in Seattle” RYAN
Clues Answers
Mia Farrow was on the cover of its first issue PEOPLEMAGAZINE
Microwave signals BEEPS
Milky gemstone OPAL
Mine carts TRAMS
Oliver Queen’s sister on “Arrow” THEA
One of Santa’s team COMET
Org. with an elephant mascot GOP
Painter Chagall MARC
Plug part PRONG
Present time? XMAS
Pueblo material ADOBE
Put on a pedestal IDOLIZE
Put out EMIT
Puts up, as stockings HANGS
Recesses NOOKS
Santa’s team REINDEER
Seasonal candy shape CANE
Seasonal singers CAROLERS
Seniors often play it HOOKY
Shakespeare’s “___ Andronicus” TITUS
Skater Viktor Petrenko, for one ODESSAN
Some tree toppers ANGELS
Sounds from jolly old St. Nicholas HOS
Squalid quarters HOVEL
Squirrel away SAVE
Start for call or Cop ROBO
Starting stake ANTE
Steel girder IBAR
Take back RECANT
The four gifts in the circles, e.g TOYS
Unconcerned with ethics AMORAL
Undue speed HASTE
Winter holidays YULES
Wolverine, for one XMAN
___ breve (musical marking) ALLA
___ mater ALMA