Family Time - Dec 23 2019

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Clues Answers
"East" on a grandfather clock III
"From Here to Eternity" island OAHU
"Hi," to a matey AHOY
"The Lion King" character SCAR
"What ___ you up to?" ARE
"___ go bragh!" ERIN
"___ sparingly" USE
"___ the season... " TIS
"___, ya think?" GEE
Above, in anthems OER
After-dinner brandy COGNAC
Aloha gift LEI
Architect's rendering DESIGN
Bit in a horse's mouth? OAT
Black-and-white classic snack OREO
Boxing great ALI
Bus schedule word VIA
Cause of paddle fatigue? OAR
Chlorine, at room temperature GAS
Computer keyboard key TAB
Cone topper SCOOP
Countdown start, often TEN
Dress of India SARI
Drive is one GEAR
Dynamic pair DUO
Enjoy chocolate-covered ants EAT
Enticing store sign SALE
Fail to remain outside ENTER
Fit for the dinner table EDIBLE
Floor layer? RUG
Give in the middle SAG
Group of whales GAM
Idealist UTOPIAN
Clues Answers
Its doors slide VAN
Killer whale ORCA
Kindle downloads EBOOKS
Kool-___ AID
Like a mechanic's 27-Across OILY
Long narrative poem IDYLL
Make up dialogue ADLIB
Mermaids live there SEA
Miners pick it out ORE
MLB dealmakers GMS
Not a whit NIL
Number on a pair of socks COST
One ___ person PER
Opera feature ARIA
Pad site, in some sports KNEE
Pay no mind to IGNORE
Place for ham and cheese ROLL
Radio adjuster KNOB
Slender LANK
Small brook RILL
Sock, pop or belt WALLOP
Sound you may hear on a farm BAA
Stage at the start ONSET
Sticks figure? RUBE
Store somewhere STOW
Swift horse ARAB
Terrier variety SKYE
Trampled TROD
Tree that can have blight ELM
Type of tooth MOLAR
Weight of a container, not what's in it TARE
Without light DARK
Word with "brand-spanking" NEW
Worthless cleaner RAG