Wall Street Journal - Dec 23 2019 - Chill Out

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Clues Answers
“Caught you in the act!” AHA
“The Wild Duck” playwright IBSEN
“Weekend Update” show, familiarly SNL
“___ there yet?” AREWE
*“Wow, that sounds great!” COOLBEANS
*Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill, for two SHARPSHOOTERS
*Complete antithesis POLAROPPOSITE
*Figures for analysis RAWDATA
33 1⁄3 and 45, for short RPMS
Academic paper? DIPLOMA
Ahead of time EARLY
Apple product since 2001 IPOD
Apple product since 2010 IPAD
Apt. units RMS
Author Harte BRET
Bag-checking org TSA
Boise’s state IDAHO
Bowl over AMAZE
Buddy PAL
Canon competitor RICOH
Channing of “Magic Mike” TATUM
Cheering cry RAH
Chest muscle, briefly PEC
Civil rights activist Wells IDA
Communicate manually SIGN
Criminal zapper TASER
Disarrange MUSS
End of many email addresses COM
Franklin’s “A good conscience is a continual Christmas,” e.g METAPHOR
Game on a phone, say APP
Giant Manning ELI
Green Gables girl ANNE
Heart or liver ORGAN
High cards ACES
Hoodwink DUPE
Incline LEAN
Israeli gun UZI
Clues Answers
Its mass is mostly from its nucleus ATOM
Jazz legend Fitzgerald ELLA
Like some college singing groups ACAPPELLA
Lingerie piece BRA
Longtime Chinese leader MAO
Margarine OLEO
Name for the free version, perhaps LITE
Oklahoma city ADA
Partner of copy PASTE
Peppermint bark, for example CANDY
Perfect IDEAL
Place a bound on LIMIT
Puzzle with a quotation ACROSTIC
Response when nobody laughs at your joke ORNOT
Restaurant reading MENU
Scads ALOT
Scenes before TV shows’ title sequences, and a hint to the starred answers COLDOPENS
Sets words to a beat, say RAPS
Shade TINT
Sixth sense, for short ESP
Slandered, as a political rival SMEARED
Some Lancaster County farmers AMISH
Statement of beliefs CREDO
Stick for a snowman, perhaps ARM
Stories TALES
Supermarket section DELI
Tehran’s land IRAN
Thing of disappointing quality, in slang WEAKSAUCE
Tire feature TREAD
Trade expo presentation DEMO
TV teaser PROMO
Used the pool SWAM
Where the Buccaneers play TAMPA
Word from the woeful ALAS
Work period with little work SLOWDAY
Wow ’em at the comedy club SLAY
Wrapping paper buy ROLL
Yard tools RAKES
___ mater ALMA