The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8155

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Clues Answers
(Musical) work OPUS
(We) exist ARE
Birds; silly people GEESE
Central halls ATRIA
Computer input device KEYBOARD
Daughter of Tantalus NIOBE
Earth's satellite MOON
Fish of salmon family TROUT
Hairstyle AFRO
Heaped piled up
Horse-drawn vehicle CART
Insured; enveloped COVERED
Item in blood involved in clotting PLATELET
Level; calm EVEN
Clues Answers
Machinery; spy PLANT
Necessary NEEDFUL
Obtaining; becoming GETTING
Overweight FAT
Product of crying TEARDROP
Reflexive pronoun ONESELF
Relating to newborns NEONATAL
Repair; be successful make good
Staying power STAMINA
Stitched fold PLEAT
Surround, cover ENCASE
Swindle rip-off
Victim, quarry PREY