The Washington Post Sunday - Dec 22 2019

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Clues Answers
'All in favor, say aye' procedures VOICEVOTES
'Already?' SOSOON
'Animaniacs' goofball WAKKO
'Begone!' SHOO
'Flashdance ... What a Feeling' singer Cara IRENE
'Free Willy' creature ORCA
'Groundhog Day' insurance salesman Ryerson NED
'How High the Moon' singer Fitzgerald ELLA
'I can't ___' EVEN
'I'm ___ to it' USED
'Look here!' PSST
'Real Real' singer Simone NINA
'Repo Man' co-star Estevez EMILIO
'River's Edge' actress Skye IONE
'The Office' receptionist ERIN
'This clue looks important!' AHA
'We did it!' YES
'You Send Me' singer Cooke SAM
'___ it up' ('Finish it') WRAP
'___ we forget ...' LEST
1960s TV series set in the 1860s RAWHIDE
A for a college graduate? ARTS
Absolute ___ ZERO
Ad writer's prize CLIO
American living in Moscow IDAHOAN
Animal you can hear by speaking this clue aloud EWE
Apt surname for a boxer or a fisherwoman HOOKE
Attracts ENTICES
Base lines? ORDERS
Be overabundant TEEM
Biceps locale ARM
Brazilian juice berry ACAI
Bring up the ___ REAR
Came to light AROSE
Cancel button ESC
Cartesian conclusion IAM
Castigate SCOLD
Commit to, as picks for a March Madness bracket LOCKIN
Competes (for) VIES
Condition treated by tetracycline ACNE
Consumption plans DIETS
Cry at an arena OLE
Dad's root beer, e.g., aptly POP
Dark side of a circle YIN
December forecast in Chicago SNOW
Defense grp. hosting summits NATO
Drafted members of a farm team? OXEN
Drinks that get their color from grenadine PINKLADIES
Drug kingpins, e.g CRIMELORDS
Dungeons & Dragons club MACE
Eggs in a bio lab OVA
Elba who played Stringer Bell on 'The Wire' IDRIS
English city that's home to the University of Suffolk IPSWICH
Estate measurement ACREAGE
False display SHAM
Fateful day IDES
Feature of skunk cabbage plants ODOR
Felipe, Jesus, Matty or Moises of baseball ALOU
Fields of expertise AREAS
Filming places SETS
Financial services co. based in Amsterdam ING
Fisher in films CARRIE
Floral symbols of purity LILIES
Flounder flipper FIN
From scratch ANEW
Gigantic amount TON
Glass on the radio IRA
Gnat or rat, e.g PEST
Green land? MEADOW
Hang loosely LOLL
Haughty individual SNOB
Have a cold, say AIL
Hawaiian flier with a repeated syllable NENE
Helper: Abbr ASST
Hertz competitor AVIS
High-tail it FLEE
Honkers in the sky CANADIANGEESE
Hot spot GRILL
Huffy state SNIT
I of an Athenian IOTA
Image of a skull, e.g XRAY
Image of a skull, e.g., briefly TAT
In addition ASWELL
Incites, as a rebellion FOMENTS
Key next to the space bar ALT
Kingdom in ancient Palestine JUDEA
Knight shift, e.g.? MOVE
Clues Answers
Landscaping supply SOD
Lapse, as a warranty EXPIRE
Larter of 'Final Destination' ALI
Like data analyzed by data analysts MINED
Like tap water CLEAR
Loading zone DOCK
Logical opening? ECO
Long Island university ADELPHI
Lovers' vows IDOS
Mad scientist, maybe EVILGENIUS
Made do? WIG
Makes inquiries ASKS
Many a character in 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' TEEN
Many Werner Herzog films, briefly DOCS
Material valued by genomics companies DNA
Maui garland LEI
Message receiver INBOX
Money for a kabuki show YEN
Monopoly payment RENT
More congenial NICER
Mysterious gent MRX
Naval builder SEABEE
Operatic star DIVA
Ornamental pitcher EWER
Overprotective sorts MOTHERHENS
Owl's creation NEST
Packs tightly CRAMSIN
Paragon IDEAL
Particle in a cyclotron ION
People arriving first EARLYBIRDS
Plaice places OCEANS
Plant deeply EMBED
Pleased as punch GLAD
Pots' tops LIDS
Pour, as chardonnay DECANT
Predominant feeling MOOD
Publicly condemned building, often EYESORE
Puzzled gestures SHRUGS
Reactor ___ CORE
Redheaded son of a musical sitcom family DANNYPARTRIDGE
Riding activity POLO
Rite-ly rejects? JILTS
Rude dude BOOR
Saint for a sailor ELMO
Satisfied expression GRIN
See 137 Down IDLE
See 60 Down NUTS
See 81 Across LEONI
Selma, to Lisa AUNT
Serve soup to, say FEED
Shiny fabric LAME
Shoulder ___ PADS
Singer Burl IVES
Site of Pennsylvania's Asbury Woods ERIE
Some Japanese percussionists TAIKODRUMMERS
Spays, say DESEXES
Squeezed (in) WEDGED
State of wonder AWE
Step on a ladder RUNG
Stuff in a well INK
Suckers SAPS
Sudden reaction REFLEX
Surface for axels ICE
Sushi bar soup MISO
Swell by a shore WAVE
Termination END
Those leading others into danger with false promises PIEDPIPERS
Tic-___-toe TAC
Ticket dispensers METERMAIDS
Tiger's noise ROAR
Took it easy LAZED
Touch of frost NIP
Toy that relies on aerodynamic forces KITE
Treat introduced in 1912 OREO
Unforeseen events with big consequences BLACKSWANS
Valuables holder SAFE
Warring deity ARES
Web crawler spreading junk mail SPAMBOT
Where Pennywise lures Georgie with a toy boat, in 'It' SEWER
Winged things in magic shows WHITEDOVES
Wish otherwise RUE
With 141 Down, 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life' songwriter ERIC
With 153 Across, seeds needed to make soft drinks KOLA
With 65 Across, actress whose last name is an anagram of O'NEIL TEA
WSJ alternative NYT
You can take your best shot with it CAMERA
[Not my error] SIC