Wall Street Journal - Dec 21 2019 - Silent Night

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Clues Answers
“42nd Street” director/choreographer Champion GOWER
“Brokeback Mountain” director Lee ANG
“Dear me!” OHNO
“Groundhog Day” director RAMIS
“Huh-uh” NOPE
“Into the Woods” song AGONY
“Princess of Power” of cartoons SHERA
“Selma” director DuVernay AVA
“___ Dead?” (Mark Twain play) ISHE
1952 Winter Olympics host OSLO
2011 blockbuster directed by Kenneth Branagh THOR
Agcy. that won the 1969 Nobel Peace Prize ILO
Alpha rhythm scan, for short EEG
Annoying wait AGES
Antlered animal HART
Archipelago composition ISLES
Article ITEM
Atlas detail INSET
Babe’s basic beverage WAWA
Back: Prefix DORSO
Battle of Bull Run site MANASSAS
Big name in the pashmina biz? SHAWLSTAR
Bother ADO
Bother AIL
Brutish villain of Mickey Mouse cartoons PEGLEGPETE
California’s Santa ___ winds ANA
Camping treats SMORES
Candidate for being brought up to the Majors PROSPECT
Canine warning GRR
Canine warning? ACHE
Cannes concept IDEE
Caravan creature CAMEL
Carry TOTE
Celebrant’s service MASS
Champion of Hooverville? SHANTYHERO
Comfy shoe, casually MOC
Compassionate CARING
Concerning ASTO
Connecticut Avenue-St. Charles Place go-between JAIL
Country club club IRON
Courthouse figs DAS
Crooked AWRY
Cunning ART
Dandy FOP
Decides to inform FLIPS
Deck handlers DEALERS
Delicate hue PASTEL
Designer Wang, interested only in superficial matters? SHALLOWVERA
Develop wing feathers FLEDGE
Diana of “Game of Thrones” RIGG
Display samples in the confectioner’s shop? SHOWFUDGE
Eager kids’ plea CANWE
Eggnog recipe direction STIR
Elroy’s canine pal ASTRO
Excellent, in slang LIT
Expensively stylish TONY
Fireplace bit ASH
French vineyard CLOS
Gumbo vegetable OKRA
Hackberry’s family ELM
HCl, for one ACID
Held in reserve ONICE
High quarters GARRET
Interesting to ornithologists AVIAN
Introvert in your address book? SHYCONTACT
Is penitent ATONES
It requires pitching TENT
Jaded bunch CYNICS
Laborer with no hands DIRTFARMER
Clues Answers
Latv. and Lith., until 1990 SSRS
Leaves speechless AWES
Legally prohibit ENJOIN
Lethargic state TORPOR
Like Mafia higher-ups MADE
Like many a winter sky LEADEN
Like Venus and Vulcan ROMAN
Locs. for people wearing gowns ORS
Lord’s place MANOR
Loudly laments SOBS
Lt. Columbo’s employer LAPD
Mare meal OATS
Metal sources ORES
Midsize Toyotas CAMRYS
Monument Valley features MESAS
Nativity scene figure JOSEPH
Nine-digit ID SSN
Nolichucky Dam maintainer: Abbr TVA
Not hidden OVERT
Pained cry YEOW
Pan-fried, as pancetta CRISPED
Paper powers EDITORS
Parsley kin CHERVIL
Partridge named for the Partridge family mother? SHIRLEYBIRD
Past-due debts ARREARS
Peaceful race in “Avatar” NAVI
Perforating tool HOLER
Play place STAGE
Pleasantly warm TOASTY
Pot addition WAGER
Pound sterling QUID
Predatory insect MANTIS
President between William and Warren WOODROW
Publishing house staffer READER
Put down QUELL
Reason for erasure ERROR
Reduced amount LESS
Reuben layer SWISS
Rewrites for the screen, say ADAPTS
River in the title of Indiana’s state song WABASH
Savory taste UMAMI
Securities trader, for short ARB
Shrikes’ cousins VIREOS
Sikh Empire founder Ranjit Singh, e.g MAHARAJA
Simple tops TEES
Sixth col. heading FRI
Southwestern spread owner RANCHERO
Specialist in the lamp factory? SHADEWORKER
Spill cocoa on, say SCALD
Spirit come-ons LOWFARES
Squalid shack HOVEL
Start for d’oeuvres or de combat HORS
Strident HARSH
Subway posting MAP
Successfully enticed REELEDIN
Super Bowl XXXIV victors RAMS
Surf with one’s buds? SHAREWAVES
Surname of a noted wabbit hunter FUDD
Take turns ROTATE
Terrific buy STEAL
Terrific time GAS
Tom of “The Seven Year Itch” EWELL
Translucent bath stoppers? SHEERPLUGS
Trickle SEEP
Turtledoves count TWO
Utterly serious EARNEST
Wagnerian title role TRISTAN
Walks unsteadily TOTTERS
___ Alamos LOS