Jonesin' - Dec 24 2019

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Clues Answers
'A Wrinkle in Time' author Madeleine L'___ ENGLE
'Baby' character in 'The Mandalorian' YODA
'Blueberries for ___' SAL
'Champagne music' bandleader Lawrence WELK
'Deal!' IMIN
'Good ___!' GRIEF
'Hilarious!,' online ROFL
'Know your rights' org ACLU
'Read Across America' org NEA
'SNL' alum Gasteyer ANA
'That's a mistake ...' UHOH
'The Joy Luck Club' author Amy TAN
'Time to get a move on!' OKLETSGO
1988 Dennis Quaid movie DOA
Ages from oxidation RUSTS
Atlantic, e.g OCEAN
Be compatible MESH
Bluish greens TEALS
Body spray brand AXE
Book reviewers, briefly EDS
Bookcase material OAK
Brakes too fast, maybe SKIDS
Breakfast hrs AMS
Brightness output? IDEA
Cafe ___ (coffee drink) AULAIT
Company known for copying others' material? XEROX
Country house VILLA
Crewmate of Spock and Sulu UHURA
Croatian-born engineer Nikola TESLA
Designation of some meat markets HALAL
Do a kitchen job SCOUR
Do really poorly SUCK
Do stuff? HAIR
E-I link FGH
Editor's 'put it back in' STET
Former VP Agnew SPIRO
French word before 'cuisine' or 'couture' HAUTE
Furniture chain to meander through IKEA
Gin fizz fruit SLOE
Clues Answers
Grandmas, for some NANS
Halloween costume option WITCH
Indigo dye source ANIL
Jeweler's weight measure CARAT
Knee injury site, briefly ACL
Layer on the farm HEN
Least spiteful NICEST
Leftover EXCESS
Like some dental floss WAXY
Line to the audience ASIDE
List closing ETC
Long-nosed fish GAR
Made mellow TAMED
Make a request ASK
Mango dip SALSA
Manta's cousin STINGRAY
Marker on a wall map PIN
Monkees member Peter TORK
Morning droplets DEW
Musical comedian Minchin TIM
Mythical flyer ICARUS
Obsessive anime fan OTAKU
Pizza chain started in Chicago, informally UNOS
Praising enthusiastically RAVING
Put a curse on HEX
Ran across MET
Really dig ADORE
Regretful feeling SHAME
Swiss flag feature CROSS
Take ___ (lose some money) AHIT
Talks too much YAKS
They're next to some records ASTERISKS
Toy company known for pop culture collectibles FUNKO
Twenty dispensers ATMS
Unwilling to bend STRICT
Use clippers SHEAR
Where the grid's circled letters denote the NW, NE, SW, SE and centermost locations THECONTIGUOUSUS
Word in many college names TECH
___ Domani (wine brand) ECCO
___-majeste (high treason) LESE