Universal - Dec 21 2019

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Clues Answers
"A likely story!" HAH
"Catch!" HERE
"I'm certain I know what that bow was made of!" ITHADTOBEYEW
"Iliad" city TROY
"No problem!" SURE
"Nova" network PBS
"Say ___" (waiter's request) WHEN
(Check this out) PSST
About ASTO
Actress Amanda PEET
Ad headline SALE
Alleviate EASE
Amount of work LOAD
Ape-like Himalayan YETI
Beloved DEAR
Cary of "The Princess Bride" ELWES
Causes a conifer to soar? MAKESTHEFIRFLY
Certain NCOs SGTS
Chest protectors RIBCAGES
Comment to the audience ASIDE
Costa ___ RICA
Country great McEntire REBA
Dave Matthews Band remix about this puzzle's puns? WHATWOODYOUSAY
Decorated at a bakery ICED
Discordia's Greek counterpart ERIS
Doe or sow SHE
Economist Smith ADAM
Education station DESK
Exist ARE
Falafel bread PITA
Famous Amos TORI
Fictional woodcutter Baba ALI
Former Iranian leader SHAH
Gesture of indifference SHRUG
Goes out with DATES
Gold, in Guatemala ORO
Insect often mistaken for a bee WASP
Istanbul inhabitant TURK
Clues Answers
Jeans and a T-shirt, for one OUTFIT
Lads who live in shade trees? THEBEECHBOYS
Like a hot rod, with "up" SOUPED
Like most clues that end with question marks HARD
Loaf parts that you may eat last ENDS
Luxury Honda line ACURA
Mets, Jets or Nets TEAM
Mobile phone CELL
Mongolian shelter YURT
Name that anagrams to "toot" OTTO
Neighbor of an Omani YEMENI
Not just one BOTH
One way to cook onions SAUTE
Piece of bacon STRIP
Pool measure DEPTH
Primordial gunk OOZE
Progressive competitor GEICO
Ren in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" KYLO
Short-legged African beast, informally HIPPO
Skeleton's site? CLOSET
Smell of spoiled milk, e.g ODOR
Snug as a bug in a rug COZY
Stop on a crawl PUB
Sunbathing site ROOFDECK
Taylor Swift, for Swifties IDOL
Tennis star Naomi OSAKA
The only perfect place EDEN
Thick carpet SHAG
Tug sharply YANK
TV personality Jenner KRIS
Vanilla extract meas TSP
Went after SETAT
Went off, as a phone RANG
What picks up speed? RADAR
Whiskey cocktail SOUR
Word before "self" or "love" TRUE
___ Lauder ESTEE
___ prof ASST