L.A. Times Daily - Dec 20 2019

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Clues Answers
"That __ it!" DOES
"Wow!" OOH
"Wow!" OHGEE
"You're wrong about me!" IAMNOT
53-Down synonym ITSY
68-Across synonym EENSY
Actor Morales ESAI
Antarctic explorer James ROSS
Athos, vis-Г -vis Aramis AMI
Bag of chips at checkout, say ITEM
Bagels and donuts, shapewise TORI
Baseball team whose original full name is rarely used METS
Blessing ender AMEN
Breakfast theater offering? HAMLETANDEGGS
Chophouse choice TBONE
City in Illinois' Little Egypt region CAIRO
Code of conduct ETHIC
Computer images, briefly GIFS
Cylindrical granary SILO
Difficult and confusing situation BIGMESS
Disappointment ... and a hint to four puzzle answers LETDOWN
Eases up RELENTS
Estonia, once: Abbr SSR
Frozen drink brand ICEE
Gather AMASS
Group dance with hand-holding HORA
Happy __ HOUR
Hard wear ARMOR
Hearth sweepings ASHES
Hollywood's latest canine discovery? DOGSTARLET
Inlet ARM
Jingle-writing guy ADMAN
Lens holders RIMS
Letter abbr ENC
Letter-shaped auto feature TTOP
Lettuce type BIBB
Low voices BASSI
Clues Answers
Magazine with a pronoun for a title ELLE
Man cave setup STEREO
Mine products ORES
Monthly check RENT
Nasser's org UAR
Not getting along ATODDS
Not taken by ONTO
Obscure BEFOG
One who is more than just famous ICON
Outplays BESTS
Perfectionist butcher's pride? CUTLETCORNERS
Performed eye surgery on, maybe LASED
Permanent purveyor HAIRSALON
Planetary reflected-light ratio ALBEDO
Poet's honor LAUREL
Really dug, with "up" ATE
Render fizzy AERATE
Script you can eat ICING
Self-conscious question ISITME
Source of animal protection FUR
Speculator's panicky cry SELL
Spiral pasta ROTINI
Stir ADO
Stomach trouble ULCER
Sushi garnish ROE
Sweetie TOOTS
Tailor's task SEAM
Tankard contents ALE
That girl SHE
That one curl that makes the whole hairdo work? KEYRINGLET
Tree used for furniture and food WALNUT
Troll's cousin OGRE
Win-win NOLOSE
Words before snapping SAYCHEESE
Work with dough BAKE
__ Altos, California LOS
__ house OPERA