USA Today - Feb 5 2020

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Clues Answers
'. . . ___ speak' SOTO
'Birds of ___' PREY
'I'm a Survivor' singer McEntire REBA
'Make it fast!' ASAP
'Makes sense now' ISEE
'Naughty, naughty!' TSK
'No more for me, thanks' IMDONE
'Our ___' GANG
'Respect' songwriter Redding OTIS
'YIELD TO ___' (street sign) PEDS
'Yup, that's me' GUILTY
'___ as directed' USE
'___ culpa' MEA
Actors hire them AGENTS
Animal tracking device EARTAG
Apple desktop computer IMAC
Bermuda and Vidalia are varieties of them ONIONS
Bird with green eggs EMU
Clear as mud VAGUE
Comedy bits GAGS
Contemporary of Monet MANET
Corrosive chemical compound ACID
Counterpart of impact INTENT
Depend RELY
Disc golf starting point TEEPAD
Do something wrong SIN
Do something wrong ERR
Far from talkative TERSE
Fill the tank GASUP
Fireplace residue ASH
Fluffy fashion accessory BOA
Frenzied activity HUSTLEANDBUSTLE
Frozen Italian treat GELATO
Group for those 50 and older AARP
Guiding light BEACON
Happen next ENSUE
Headed the pack LED
Historical time span ERA
Hypnotic state TRANCE
Clues Answers
Initials aptly found in 'Obamacare' ACA
Lake that drains via the Niagara River ERIE
Long, slithery fish EEL
Midge Maisel's dad ABE
Morse code symbols DOTS
Mountain lions COUGARS
Negative quality MINUS
Octopus's defense INK
Office sub TEMP
Old friends sometimes make up for it LOSTTIME
Olympic sled LUGE
Part of a prof's email address EDU
Podiatrist's focus, perhaps TOE
Pomegranate bit SEED
Prefix for 'final' or 'circle' SEMI
Proverbs ADAGES
Rotten to the core BAD
Seltzer container CAN
Sign of sorrow TEAR
Smeltery material ORE
Social stratum CASTE
Source of awkward moments on jumbotrons KISSCAM
Spaceship's escape vehicle POD
Sportscast's second look REPLAY
Statement accompanying a handshake ITSADEAL
Story lines PLOTS
Take care of the bill PAY
Take testimony from DEPOSE
Thrown dessert PIE
Trickster in Norse myth LOKI
TV host Kelly RIPA
Vaping device, for short ECIG
Web traffic tracking tool GOOGLEANALYTICS
Well-behaved kid LITTLEANGEL
Word after 'duct' or 'gaffer' TAPE
___ bars (Olympic event) UNEVEN
___ circle (closest friends) INNER
___-fi conventions SCI