Universal - Dec 19 2019

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Clues Answers
"How now, brown cow?" response MOO
"The Stranger" author Albert CAMUS
"___ the season ..." TIS
"___ we clear?" ARE
"___! (There It Is)" (1993 hit) WHOOMP
(Not really!) WINKWINK
Abrupt way to stop or turn ONADIME
Anklebones TARSI
Answered an invite RSVPD
Asserts without proof ALLEGES
Baby's pop DADA
Baked fish dish (first 2 letters + last 3) STUFFEDSOLE
Biblical flood shelter ARK
Birthplace of St. Teresa AVILA
Bowl-shaped cooker WOK
Calm and quiet SEDATE
Champagne export VIN
Common setting for a joke BAR
Coral structure REEF
Croc's relative GATOR
Crop up ARISE
D-Day's conflict, briefly WWII
Dallas NBAer MAV
David who played Bond NIVEN
Director's cry, or a hint to this puzzle's theme ITSAWRAP
Eartha who portrayed Catwoman KITT
Equestrians RIDERS
Ethiopian princess in a Verdi opera AIDA
Expand, as a highway WIDEN
Fir feller: Var AXE
Friday's companion (first 3 + last 1) ROBINSONCRUSOE
Gardner with many plots ERLE
Getting on in years OLD
Giant Manning ELI
Greek X CHI
Half-___ (latte order) CAF
Clues Answers
Holiday Inn alternative RAMADA
ICU attendants DRS
Lively dances REELS
Love poetry Muse ERATO
Mark on Harry Potter's forehead SCAR
Mexican Mrs SRA
Modern warfare threats, briefly WMDS
More risque RACIER
Muscat natives OMANIS
Name that anagrams to "snide" DENIS
Nobel Peace Prize city OSLO
Often-wooden peg DOWEL
Once more OVER
One of Pakistan's official languages URDU
Ones on deck HANDS
Praise to the skies LAUD
Praise to the skies EXALT
Pulled a scam on GRIFTED
Rail terminal DEPOT
Roll in a squad car? (first 1 + last 3) CRIMESCENETAPE
Scottish girls LASSIES
Shar-___ PEI
Start to "starter" SELF
Tattle TELL
Terror-stricken (first 4 + last 1) SCAREDSTIFF
Twiddling one's thumbs IDLE
U-turn from ENE WSW
Used a potato gizmo RICED
Vied for public office RAN
Way to go ROUTE
WNBA star Elena ___ Donne DELLE
Word with "fries" or "potatoes" SMALL
Works on a comic book INKS
World capital where you may eat alpaca steak LIMA
Yes, in Kyoto HAI
___ Mae (student loan agency) SALLIE
___ Major (Big Dipper's constellation) URSA