- Dec 19 2019

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Clues Answers
''America'' contraction TIS
''Let's do that!'' IMIN
''NewsHour'' network PBS
''Repeating . . .'' ISAID
''We hold __ truths . . .'' THESE
45-season NBC series SNL
A large number of MANY
ABA members ATTYS
Action or comedy FILMGENRE
As good as it gets CONSUMMATE
Auto made in Stuttgart PORSCHE
Boarding pass datum GATE
Brahms played it PIANO
Budgetary excess FAT
Calico, for one CAT
Cannoneer's angle AZIMUTH
Cereal grain OAT
Certain food truck specialty TACO
Costar of Sandra in ''Speed'' KEANU
Dairy animals EWES
Daisy cousin ASTER
Deg. for a curator MFA
Dog show category TOY
Edinburgh souvenirs TAMS
Family nickname SIS
Figures in sports betting ODDS
Golden bear of kiddie lit POOH
Goods from abroad IMPORTS
Great joy GLEE
Immoderate UNDUE
Inventor Whitney ELI
It means ''everything'' OMNI
Knock for a loop STUN
Knock out OMIT
Knocked for a loop INAWE
Least welcoming ICIEST
Metric prefix KILO
Muscle quality TONE
Neeson in movies LIAM
Clues Answers
One chip, often ANTE
Our, to Renoir NOTRE
Pantheon VIP ZEUS
Part of Disney's media empire ESPN
Puccini production OPERA
Pull together UNITE
Purina alternative ALPO
Quality of luxurious fabric FINETEXTURE
Range through the equator ANDES
Retailer near a pier FISHSTORE
Ribbons or bow ties PASTA
Ricelike 35 Down ORZO
Santa __, CA ANA
Scene of some crashes PARTY
Scintilla IOTA
Season ticket holders FANS
Sierra Nevada lake TAHOE
Small rowboat DORY
Sports drink suffix ADE
Star closest to us SOL
Stayed steamed FUMED
Sticker in a patch BRIAR
Still contending INIT
Stir-fry staple TOFU
Stroller filler TOT
Swanky POSH
Swimming event MEET
Tailor's measurements WAISTLINES
That niece SHE
This-for-that deal SWAP
Vista blocker HAZE
Voice of iPhone SIRI
Walking off EXITING
Wealth, cynically FILTHYLUCRE
What ''bridges'' four Across answers FIRE
What fills some closets LINENS
What pothooks look like ESSES
Word of caution DONT
Word on the state capital list DES