The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8152

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Clues Answers
Be an indication of SIGNIFY
Branch of Islam SUNNI
Buckwheat pancakes BLINI
Cowboy hat STETSON
Cunning, crafty SLY
Decay ROT
Desiccated DRIED
Determined (on) dead set
Disbelief in gods ATHEISM
Drilling platforms oil rigs
Expression of surprise COO
Feeling distaste for DISLIKING
Italian white wine SOAVE
Item of formal wear bow tie
Clues Answers
Job, position APPOINTMENT
Large lemur INDRI
Largest city on Cyprus NICOSIA
Legally acceptable VALID
Loud noise DIN
Means of corpse preservation EMBALMING
Program sending unwanted emails SPAMBOT
Refuses to obey DEFIES
Repair clumsily BODGE
Room in a church VESTRY
Short Japanese poem HAIKU
Start a cigarette light up
Swarming insects GNATS
Walk wearily TRUDGE