Universal - Dec 18 2019

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Clues Answers
"Eighth Grade" actress Fisher ELSIE
"Enough already!" IGIVE
"I'm handling this" ONIT
"Makes sense to me" ISEE
"New York, New York" singer SINATRA
"Olympia" painter Edouard MANET
"Shame on you!" TSK
"The Metamorphosis" author FRANZKAFKA
*Ordinary human being MEREMORTAL
*Place to buy a slice PIZZAJOINT
*Some are detectives (see letters 9-6) SPECIALAGENTS
Alternative to shoelaces VELCRO
Aquaman's home SEA
Brain product IDEA
Bright night lights NEONS
Candy with collectible dispensers PEZ
Cave mammal BAT
Clairvoyant claim ESP
Completely dominate OWN
Cornrow, e.g PLAIT
Corp. budget overseer CFO
Cyclops' facial feature ONEEYE
Five-minute NBA periods OTS
Floss flavor MINT
Freemium game interruptions ADS
French port city overlooking the Strait of Dover CALAIS
Furtive "Hey, you!" PSST
Goes bad ROTS
Golf pegs TEES
Historic Harlem theater APOLLO
Industrious person BUSYBEE
Jane in a Bronte novel EYRE
Lairs for bears DENS
Last Oldsmobile ever made ALERO
Left at the altar JILTED
Lion handlers TAMERS
Little troublemakers IMPS
Loses one's cool SNAPS
Clues Answers
Lowers, like the lights DIMS
Make a mistake ERR
Marsh heron BITTERN
More guileful SLIER
Much-worshipped celebrity IDOL
Noteworthy time span ERA
Osso buco meat VEAL
Out-and-out UTTER
Outdoor clothing chain REI
Outlaw BAN
Pans for making pot stickers WOKS
Passport mark STAMP
Patella's place KNEE
Pennsylvania city known for lake-effect snow ERIE
Pepys' closing words ANDSOTOBED
Plays for a fool USES
Political refugee, e.g EMIGRE
Pop singer Mann AIMEE
Public opinion surveys POLLS
Regard highly ESTEEM
Road repair material TAR
Runway walker MODEL
Shipshape NEAT
Shoe bottoms SOLES
Short comedy sketch SKIT
Slips by, as time ELAPSES
Squirrel's hangout TREE
Stressful hospital areas: Abbr ERS
The Joker, to Batman FOE
Tiny WEE
Toothy tools SAWS
Trade-___ (compromises) OFFS
Triangular fruit pastry, or a hint to the starred answers' indicated letters APPLETURNOVER
Viscous substance GOOP
Wait at a stop sign, say IDLE
Watts of "Fair Game" NAOMI
X-___ vision RAY