- Dec 18 2019

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Clues Answers
''Got it!'' ISEE
''Right away,'' in a memo ASAP
''The result __!'' ISIN
''¿Cómo __ usted?'' ESTA
Accessory for Frosty PIPE
Actress Loren SOPHIA
At one's fingertips NEAR
Barbie's boyfriend KEN
Be overly dramatic EMOTE
Biblical boat ARK
Big name in aluminum ALCOA
Bring to mind EVOKE
Brother-in-law's daughter NIECE
Cause to chuckle AMUSE
CBS crime series NCIS
Cloth national symbols FLAGS
Colorful pond fish KOI
Comics canine's comment ARF
Crystal ball readers SEERS
Decide (to) OPT
Depend (on) RELY
Designer Claiborne LIZ
Disneyland shuttle TRAM
Each, informally APOP
Excessive fears PHOBIAS
Exxon sister brand MOBIL
Ferris wheels and carousels RIDES
First cousin's father UNCLE
French article LES
Getting one's bearings ORIENTING
Girder fastener RIVET
Got up AROSE
Green citrus fruit LIME
Hard to climb STEEP
Is owner of HAS
Japanese cuisine staple RICE
Jazz singer Fitzgerald ELLA
List-shortening abbr ETAL
Clues Answers
Lose sleep (over) FRET
Lowly worker PEON
Main part of a letter BODY
Matador's bull TORO
Needing a refill LOW
New Haven school YALE
Notre __ University DAME
Noun gender: Abbr MASC
One watching a game SPECTATOR
Paid, as a bill FOOTED
Pastor's nickname REV
Pop singer Tori AMOS
Prescriptions, for short MEDS
Pro __ (proportionally) RATA
Pub game projectile DART
Pundit piece ESSAY
Relaxing resorts SPAS
Resident of the Red Planet MARTIAN
Scarlett O'Hara's home TARA
Seven Dwarfs' occupation MINER
Shakespeare's river AVON
Shut forcefully SLAM
Small rounded hill KNOLL
Smile broadly GRIN
Special ability SKILL
Start of a play ACTI
Strong wind GALE
Throat ailment, briefly STREP
Tool with teeth SAW
UCLA rival USC
Uptight TENSE
VIP's auto LIMO
Western alliance acronym NATO
Where Port-au-Prince is capital HAITI