New York Times - Dec 18 2019

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Clues Answers
'By all means' YES
'S.N.L.' cast member Nwodim EGO
'___ story' TRUE
- - - - - .-. ... MORSE
Animated picture file GIF
Aplenty GALORE
Appreciation of taste PALATE
Appropriate USURP
Article of equipment akin to a wakeboard WATERSKI
Beginner's knitting project SCARF
Breaks in relations RIFTS
Call, as a game REF
Catchword in waste management REDUCE
Chalice filler WINE
Cheap and inauthentic CHEESY
Common street name MAIN
Confederate ALLY
Corn on the ___ COB
Crew team member ROWER
Crowd noise ROAR
Dangerous dog BITER
Dissenting vote NAY
Does a hit on OFFS
Down-home and unpretentious FOLKSY
East Coast 7-Eleven competitor WAWA
End of the musing, which could simply have been the circled squares SURELYANARTFORM
Frat members BROS
Fuel for a fire LOG
G.I. entertainers USO
Gave shape to FORMED
Had the rights to OWNED
Harry's foil in Harry Potter DRACO
Heroine of Tennyson's 'Idylls of the King' ENID
High in the Andes ALTO
High/low card ACE
Hot cupful TEA
Clues Answers
Illustration for an ill tourist? ANAGRAM
It all adds up to this SUM
It may be gas- or oil-fired BOILER
Jack Nicklaus, in 19 major golf championships RUNNERUP
Julie Andrews or Helen Mirren DAME
Like most craft projects, in brief DIY
Like most dorms nowadays COED
Like the pattern on Minnie Mouse's dress POLKADOT
Modern marketing tool EMAIL
Muscle car engine HEMI
Musing, part 2 WRITINGWELLIS
Natural barrier that Hannibal surmounted ALPS
Old enough OFAGE
One walking sideways CRAB
One who's 'out' ODDMAN
Ones calling the shots, for short? RNS
Oregon Ducks' home EUGENE
Outlaw BAN
Polite term of address MAAM
Precipitated CAUSED
Public walkway PASEO
Rapid breakup of a frozen stream in the spring ICERUN
Rimes of country music LEANN
Some Spanish friends AMIGAS
Start of a long-winded musing from an author EDITINGADRAFTOF
Storied Prohibition agent NESS
Undesirable marks? ACNE
Unrealistic part of many statues EYES
Wastes time feeling sad MOPES
Wire or cable SEND
Word before sauce or milk SOY
Word before sauce or truck TACO
___ bear PANDA
___ en place (putting in place: Fr.) MISE
___ for oneself FEND
___ mortals MERE
___-com ROM
___-dink RINKY