- Dec 17 2019

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Clues Answers
''All opposed'' reply NAY
''Green'' sci ECOL
''My goodness!'' DEARME
''You bet!'' YES
''__ first you don't succeed . . .'' IFAT
''__ Misérables'' LES
''__ you kidding?'' ARE
13, in Roman numerals XIII
Actor McGregor EWAN
Adorned lavishly DIDUP
Backyard cooker GASGRILL
Bag with handles TOTE
Bird feeder supply SEED
British singer of ''Skyfall'' ADELE
Catch, as a crook NAB
Christmas carol NOEL
City near Lake Tahoe RENO
Computer pro, for short TECH
Creative thought IDEA
Crisp ginger cookie SNAP
Daughter's brothers SONS
Decorator's theme MOTIF
Egotist's priority SELF
Eighth mo AUG
Fashion sense STYLE
German car brand AUDI
Gossipy person YENTA
Graph paper pattern GRID
Has regrets about RUES
Have a glance at SEE
Husbands or wives MATES
In flames AFIRE
Journeying to the past and future TIMETRAVELING
Lessen gradually ABATE
Line of stitching SEAM
Little hooter OWLET
Little laugh TEHEE
Clues Answers
Mention one's VIP pals NAMEDROP
Messed-up situation SNAFU
Miles away AFAR
Military group UNIT
Not at all skillful INEPT
Of a Vatican leader PAPAL
One of 50 on the American flag STAR
Opera solo ARIA
Pays for everyone's lunch TREATS
Poems of praise ODES
Rebound, as sound ECHO
Resort with saunas SPA
Robber's haul LOOT
Sailor's greeting AHOY
Scratching post user CAT
Shade of color HUE
Ship of 1492 NINA
Singer McEntire REBA
Site for wedding vows ALTAR
Slight amount IOTA
Some female singers ALTOS
Spacecrafts from other worlds FLYINGSAUCERS
Spanish appetizer TAPA
Startled sound GASP
Tablet of paper PAD
Tree with cones FIR
Tumbler or goblet GLASS
Twangy, as a voice NASAL
Unrestrained delight GLEE
Uses a sofa SITS
Very slightly ABIT
Vote down, informally NIX
Waffle cooker IRON
Walk proudly STRUT
Wanderer NOMAD
West Point mascot ARMYMULE
Wide shoe width EEE
Yearn (for) LONG